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Chris Doyle resigns

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Arif Hassan made a point that this was probably caused by a response by the players, because Urban isn’t really the type to care about the public perception. And given Chris Conley’s Twitter posts, I’d believe its probably true.

Urban might have some fences to mend.

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15 minutes ago, Charles said:

Hopefully this fades away.  I mean this was Texans' level bad judgment. 



It will. No reason for it to stick around. Was in the "building" for less than a day.

Hopefully this is a sign to Urban you can't get away with this type of stuff in the pros. Players have more power and you're under a bigger microscope behind the scenes.

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Jack Kallenberger decided to retire from the Iowa football program in January 2019 and this is what he had to say about Chris Doyle, and he is a white football player.  Thank goodness the dude is no longer employed, that would have been an awful hire for the NFL with his track record.  Stupid choice by Urban especially with his history with Zach Smith, thought he would completely stay away from guys like that which he knew of.



Jack Kallenberger :

"I quit football not because of school, but because I was broken, beat down, bullied, unwanted, and unloved. I was stripped of every ounce of self-confidence I had. I wouldn't speak in classes out of fear that I was going to be called dumb because that was my reality for two years in the Iowa football building. I was forced to forget about my learning disability (much like the coaches ignored it) and forced to believe that I was a stupid individual."

He concluded.

"At Iowa, if you don't fit the mold, you're an outcast and will be treated accordingly by many of the coaches on the staff. It is an environment where mistakes can be made, but you better not make any. IT's an environment that causes crippling anxiety, something that [former Iowa DB] Manny Rugamaba mentioned in his own personal stories as well. CHANGE NEEDS TO HAPPEN AT IOWA."


Here is the full article.



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