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2021 NFL Draft


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36 minutes ago, RamRod said:

So they got Chaisson last year who had no impact as a rookie and a RB when they already had James Robinson.

It's Urban Mayer, I kind of knew this was going to happen.  Figured he'd 1) prioritize guys he recruited when he was at Ohio State, 2) oversaturate the rushing attack (barring when he had Zeke, he did this a lot at both OSU and Florida), only thing yet to see if he follows through on is 3) doesn't pay enough attention to his defense (because he was used to just getting the regional studs on the regular because of his program's success).

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Can't ask for much of a better round 1 for the Rams. Still a ton of guys left that I'd love.

I think my top 3 would be JOK, ASJ, and Creed (Cox would be #4).

In the 3rd I'd be looking at Eskridge, Dickerson (if the rumors of his fall are legit), Green, and Moses. 

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8 hours ago, RamRod said:

Uh oh


If I see NFL Network put the little "Fully Vaccinated Draft Room" when the Rams are on the clock and they made Les Snead leave I'm going to flip the coffee table.


Anyway back to football...this shouldn't have an impact as they conducted a draft remotely last year with success. Who do we want to fall to us at #57??

Creed Humphrey, Asante Samuel Jr are my top two, but not likely. If not, I'm hoping a trade back with LVR, Cleveland, WFT. Pretty much anyone with two 3rd round picks. 

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With Lance going to the Niners, I can see the Les focusing in on either a DT or ILB as we come up against two of the better mobile QBs in the league twice a year in Murray and Lance. Wilson moves too, but more often than not running for his life. 

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40 minutes ago, RamPackFan said:

Lance is garbage. What are you people thinking? This is great news 

Outside of Lawrence and Wilson, Lance has the most upside of any QB in this draft. He's going to get to sit for a few games or possibly a season. He's going to the best possible scenario for a rookie QB team wise (not division wise). This is, objectively, scary.

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I was not pleased that the whiners took Lance.  Would have loved to see Mac go there personally, if for nothing more then the sound of the tears the fans would collectively drop.

REALLY hoping for any of the following on day 2:

CB - Samuel Jr - literally THE perfect prospect for us.  Starter at nickel day 1

LB - JOK - Just a stud chess piece on D.  Great add seeing as how our entire division has athletic QB's

EDGE - Ojulari - yes he has some injury issues, but a talented edged to play opposite of Floyd

DL - Barmore - A big athletic guy that can actually get after the QB. Would look excellent next to AD

CB -T.Campbell - Again, could play big minutes for us right away

WR - E. Moore - seriously talented dynamic WR who could fill our deep threat need easily

WR - R. Moore - just a freak athletically. Needs to develop more, but has immense potential as big play guy

OT - T.Jenkins - Could play inside until Big Whit retires

CB - K.Joesph - Another solid CB prospect for us

CB/S - J. Holland - Could play nickel or start at safety for us.  

CB/S - E.Molden - see Holland

C - Dickerson - I'd only be fine with him in the late 3rd.  Huge injury risk.


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