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Spankin New Turtle 🐢 Mock Draft Magic hittin ya in the face

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21 hours ago, Woz said:

They only took Goff back to get the draft picks that the Rams sent along to unload Goff's contract, as well as not have to draft a new QB. That said, I think they're still looking at improvement.

Again, they already have the Rams pick next year or two. Why would the want more picks? Even if they are happy with Goff, do we think they would give up a shot at a Surtain II or Parsons to help bolster their defense? Or maybe getting Goff a weapon like Waddle or Devonta Smith?

True. Look it’s just a hope of mine, it probably won’t happen but, it’s just something I’d like to see happen.

Can’t we just live in a hopeful happy place sometimes?

Rather than in reality where most likely bc we made the playoffs, we screwed ourselves out of possibly having a franchise QB for the next 15 years out of this draft.


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On 2/28/2021 at 11:06 AM, turtle28 said:

Can’t we just live in a hopeful happy place sometimes?




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