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Random Thoughts - 2021 Offseason edition

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21 hours ago, Sugashane said:

Damn that sucks man. Hope they get that resolved quickly for you. 

I had to file forms with IRS, flag all my accounts, do a bunch of other stuff and have to paper file my taxes now.  

Grateful 🙏they didn’t empty my accounts or charge a bunch of stuff to my name, hopefully that is prevented now.  

I would love to be part of a sting operation to catch people doing this stuff as they try to collect checks, etc.   I would totally cooperate if any govt. agency was motivated to do it.

I have seen guys on youtube following money.  Crooks rent B&Bs and have it delivered there and hire a local to collect it.  

I say we capture the local and beat him into giving up guy above him and go right up the ladder.  

Not sure why they aren’t.  More important stuff to do I guess.  




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11 hours ago, 41st ward Chicagoian said:

To me its crazy to think Devonte Smith is going to be a first rounder.  His frame should scare GMs away.  175 lbs is a total lie.  I bet he’s more around 150lbs.  How can a man 150 to 160lbs survive in the NFL.  I would give him a 3rd or 4th round grade.  

He won a Heisman as a WR, so he is going to go in the top 10.


But you are probably right, and there is a decent chance he is John Ross 2.0.

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Tiger in a nasty accident.  

No one is promised tomorrow (on Earth anyway).   Death and/or tragedy can come like a thief in the night even when you think you have all bases covered.   



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