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Hindsight -- Draft 2020

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Yeah yeah yeah -- hindsight is 20/20 -- but I still can't shake the feeling that if we had picked someone else in the first round, we may have gone to the Super Bowl -- and won!

Which of these players you think might have done it?

27. Seattle: LB Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech
28. Baltimore: LB Patrick Queen, LSU
29. Tennessee: OL Isaiah Wilson, Georgia
30. Miami f/GB: CB Noah Igbinoghene, Auburn
31. Minnesota f/SF: CB Jeff Gladney, TCU
32. Kansas City: RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, LSU

33. Cincinnati: WR Tee Higgins, Clemson
34. Indianapolis f/WAS: WR Michael Pittman, USC
35. Detroit: RB D'Andre Swift, Georgia
36. NY Giants: S Xavier McKinney, Alabama
37. New England f/LAC: S Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne
38. Carolina: EDGE Yetur Gross-Matos, Penn State
39. Miami: OL Robert Hurt, Louisiana
40. Houston f/ARI: DL Ross Blacklock, TCU
41. Indianapolis f/CLE: RB Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin
42. Jacksonville: WR Laviska Shenault Jr., Colorado
43. Chicago f/LV: TE Cole Kmet, Notre Dame
44. Cleveland f/IND: S Grant Delpit, LSU
45. Tampa Bay: S Antoine Winfield Jr., Minnesota
46. Denver: WR KJ Hamler, Penn State
47. Atlanta: DL Marlon Davidson, Auburn
48. Seattle f/NYJ: EDGE Darrell Taylor, Tennessee
49. Pittsburgh: WR Chase Claypool, Notre Dame
50. Chicago: CB Jaylon Johnson, Utah
51. Dallas: CB Trevon Diggs, Alabama
52. LA Rams: RB Cam Akers, Florida State
53. Philadelphia: QB Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma
54. Buffalo: EDGE A.J. Epenesa, Iowa
55. Baltimore f/NE via ATL: RB J.K. Dobbins, Ohio State
56. Miami f/NO: DL Raekwon Davis, Alabama
57. LA Rams f/HOU: WR Van Jefferson, Florida
58. Minnesota: OL Ezra Cleveland, Boise State
59. NY Jets f/SEA: WR Denzel Mims, Baylor
60. New England f/BAL: EDGE Josh Uche, Michigan
61. Tennessee: CB Kristian Fulton, LSU

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Well, the obvious answers would be Chase Claypool, but I don’t see anyone that honestly would have stopped what happened in the NFC Championship game. 

A missed defensive play call and an Aaron Jones fumble were the difference.

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The answer is no.  None of these players make Pettine play cover 4 at the end of the 1st half or Aaron Jones not gift the Bucs with 7 points off a fumble to start the second.

The packers didn’t play in super bowl because their star players didn’t play well in the biggest game of the year.  Nobody on that list changes the outcome. 

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Packers had everything they needed to win the NFC. The league MVP. The NFL's #1 offense. A defense that got better in November and December. Home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The only playoff team with a bye. 







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There are a few prospects that could've made a difference, but at the end of the day, a poor defensive scheme and moving away from the bread and butter of our offense(5-7 yard plays) did us in TBH. The fact that we didn't even try to do an onside kick was the final insult to the fans as well. It's one thing to take the points late in the game, but to not even try an onside kick was just flat out idiotic; the only logical excuse is that our ST were so poor that we couldn't depend on them in crunch time, which is a HUGE red flag...

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If your user name is James Lofton, then you remember how dark the days were before we had a really good QB (Lynn Dickey was basically Derek Anderson in CLE let's not kid ourselves).  Majik Man started off the resurgence and then Brent and Rodgers took it to another level.  If Love turns out to be legit, then we can have another decade of good to potentially elite QB play.  I'll take that foresight over and hindsight.

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The only one of these guys that plays significant snaps for the 2020 Green Bay Packers is Raekwon Davis.  And if we had traded up to 26 to get him, people would have lost their **** more than when we picked Love.  

Take a look at Patrick Queen vs Krys Barnes.  Queen ended up with 26 more tackles and 2 more sacks on double the snaps played.  Barnes was better in pass coverage.



Am I saying that Barnes is better than Queen? No.  But he was a better value last season.  And with the way that Pettine had shown he plays LBs, could he even gotten the volume that he did last season?

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Maybe Tee Higgins.  He would probably be the only one close to our original spot that might have had significant playing time last season.  But as others have said, the reason we didn't play in the SB was because we played poorly in the NFCC game.

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Thanks for posting the list...I don't see anyone that would have been thee difference maker. A number of possible contributors, but no field tilters.

We needed a healthy OT...see nothing there.

Not sure any of the other players are that much better than what we had to shift the balance.

What I do see, are two guys that would have been impact players in the new defense...WInfield and Delpit. Both are the bigger safeties or play like bigger safeties that will be valued. I also see impactful RB's...a reminder of why its tough to over pay for Jones or Williams.

I wanted Claypool in a slight trade down, and he is the one player on this group that I really wish we could have grabbed.

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Antoine Winfield comes here instead of Tampa and we're winning the Super Bowl, not them. 

Robert Hurt maybe alleviates the loss of Bakhtiari better.  Even if he is an interior guy here. 

Tee Higgins or Michael Pittman also help bridge that gap, but I won't judge not taking one of them because if we had, MVS doesn't have the year that he had.

200 less yards on 34 less receptions than Tee Higgins (same touchdowns).
200 more yards on 6 less receptions than Michael Pittman (MVS had 5 more touchdowns).

This is what the WR crowd will never accept nor understand.  If you draft and develop mid round receivers, you don't need first round receivers.  Other teams are just too impatient to do what we've done.  Gute essentially used a 4th, a 5th and a 6th plus undrafted money on 4 receivers counting on one of them becoming a good receiver.  He got two (MVS, Lazard).  Give me MVS/Lazard, Gary, Alexander, Savage any day of the week.

But not Love.

That close to a Super Bowl and don't ****ing tell me Love was the right pick.

If  you pick Love you better ****ing go all out to win a Super Bowl.

But nooooooo.  We doubled down in the second round and took Dillon.  Dillon to protect us for when we lose Jones.  Not an OL to help Jones be better while he's here, but Dillon to be better when Jones is gone. 

I don't care if every single player drafted within 32 picks of Love busts and Love turns into a Hall of Fame QB.  The NFL season is too long and life is too short to play for next year.  Gute should be ashamed of himself for the Love pick. 

Zero value whatsoever a year after reaching the Championship game and you can't tell me you're doing everything you can to win.

****ing lying SOB trying to protect his future instead of chasing rings.

I will never forgive Gute for  this draft.


Even though there really wasn't a lot of anything great available when we picked Love.  That's fine.  So trade down.  Trade down and get Higgins.  Trade down and get Winfield.  Or just stay TF put. 

Anything - LITERALLY ANY PLAYER - helped us more this year than Love.


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