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What would you prefer Pace/Nagy to do with the QB position this year?

What would you prefer Pace/Nagy to do with the QB position this year?  

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  1. 1. What would you prefer Pace/Nagy to do with the QB position this year?

    • Sell the farm and future assets to trade up?
    • Draft BPA QB at 20?
    • Would you prefer he moved up in the draft to take X QB without sacrificing future assets? (If so, which round do you think X is worth?)
    • Trade down and take a QB in the 2nd rd or later?
    • Sign a FA and roll with him and Foles; use draft to build supporting cast?
    • Sign cheap veteran and draft developmental QB?
    • Other - specify below

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10 hours ago, dafreak said:
Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson has not demanded a trade, his agent Mark Rodgers told ESPN. Wilson has told the Seahawks he wants to play in Seattle but, if a trade were considered, the only teams he would go to are the Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, Bears.

 So he knows he would get to come here, fire Nagy himself, and hire his own HC.


Do it. lol

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I see it like this.  You don't give up a ton of resources for a QB unless you are ONLY a QB away from being an SB contender and I can't really say that we are with a straight face.  Next year in 2021...maybe.  But after that....no.  The defense is going to have to retool.

Pace and Nagy have to make a change with the QB position to save their jobs, but their options are also very limited at this point.  And let's be honest, this QB choice is going to be ALL on Nagy and who he feels is best fit for the system
The only QBs available that would make a real difference are going to cost way too much in resources to attain, and at the same time keep us from being able to build around in the future.

Moving up to #4  to get Fields or Wilson is a viable option (although it's a long shot).  

But, if we are going to give up two firsts, a 2nd, and two 4ths to move up that far in the draft for an unknown commodity, then I would rather go all out and spend an additional first round pick to get a KNOWN commodity in Watson.

But, here's my issue with getting Watson.  Houston had a poor play-caller, a good set of receivers, a solid (albeit injured) OL, and a bad defense, and they still finished the season with only 4 wins.  How do you think he would fare here?

It takes more than a QB to win games.  How do you build around a QB when you don't have the resources that you gave up to get him?

I would prefer Nagy to say;

Hey I like Fields and Wilson, but they are most likely gone so who else do who have to look at?.

Scout: Mac Jones looks okay, but he doesn't fit your ideal offense.

Nagy:  I can make it work, I'm a genius, but Washinton and Belichick are in front of us

Pace:  Let me interject.  I'll  send our 1st and 5th round picks to the Chargers to move up.

Basically, let Pace and Nay settle for 2nd best and live or die by it.

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