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is is to early to ask for reggies head or ?

latinraraiderfan 3

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2 hours ago, big_palooka said:

Nobody said that nor is expecting that.... Just point out there have been glaring misses in the early rounds by Reggie. Yes....blah, blah... every GM has misses, spare me. I like Reggie, I'm simply saying he shouldn't be absolved of blame here. He's made some head scratching omissions at time. Ignoring CB and thinking Hayden/Carrie duo could work. Which led to desperate CB moves. And this year ignoring LB when it was a glaring issue last season. 


5 hours ago, big_palooka said:

Honestly, outside 2014... he's not had plus draft from top to bottom IMO.

No, you didn't say that exactly but that was what you were getting at. There have been misses in every round just like every gm is my point.

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1 hour ago, cddolphin said:

Who sucks worse? Kind of like that South Park little league episode.

From the analysis and stats in the general sense without a deep dive (no pun intended), you guys do.


Oak DVOA: 1.4%

Oak DVOA Off : 15.4%

Oak DVOA Def : 18.2%

Oak DVOA St : 1.4%

Playoff chances : -6.5%

Team overall rank : 19th

Team off rank : 6th

Team def rank : 31st

Mia DVOA : -34.7%

Mia Off DVOA : -26.6%

Mia Def DVOA : 8.3%

Mia St DVOA : 0.2%

Playoff chance : -12.0%

Team overall rank : 31st

Team off rank : 31st

Team def rank : 23rd

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So we are down 3 CBs and Joseph is still banged up. Going to be another long day for this defense.  Will be Obi's first game but I doubt we see more than a flash or two of what he can be.  Wish Devante Parker was out for one more game.

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3 minutes ago, NightTrainLane said:

Go back to your cave under the bridge.

whatt happend, begining to insult already? xD , are you running out arguments, or starting to know that you were wrong from the begining, dont run my friend, i said ill be here all year to back up what i have said , hope you too, just cowards run  ..

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If LatinRaider's troll approach wasn't so obvious (only posting after losses), then a serious discussion about Reggie could be taking place. Reggie has alot of positives about him but 2014 draft is saving him right now.

Reggie deserves a lot of blame for putting together the worst defense in the league. Outside of Khalil Mack, who we lucked into falling to us, there is not a single player on defense who I am confident will have a role or even be on this team in the next 2-3 years. Karl Joseph is looking like a bad pick, we don't have any LBs, dline is full of jags besides mack, secondary is worse in nfl - maybe in NFL history.

Reggie needs to be held accountable. 

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@latinraraiderfan 3 this is a warning for trolling since it seems that's all you've come here to do.  Its perfectly fine to have an opinion, but you aren't trying to facilitate discussion.  You're trying to be annoying,  Here are some suggested talking points for the thread:


- Where has Reggie McKenzie failed the team as a GM?  Where has he succeeded?  What exactly does he bring to the table and where is he lacking?

- Ideas for a potential replacement GM

- How does the relationship between coaching and personnel effect our current state of affairs?  And how could they be improved upon?

- Are the problems we're facing now 100% due to mismanagement by a GM?  How big of a part does coaching play?  And players not executing?

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