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Would Tim Tebow be in the NFL had he changed positions?


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With Tebow retiring from baseball, the book on one of the more interesting athletes has officially been closed.

Although he is one of the greatest college players of all time and won a playoff game in the NFL, he wasn't exactly very good at quarterbacking, hence why he was replaced by Peyton Manning shortly after beating Pittsburgh in the playoffs.

Despite his limitations at passing but prowess at running, Tebow refused to make a change and insisted on being a quarterback.

With the recent development of Taysom Hill as a gadget player, what if Tebow switched to RB, FB, and/or TE? Would he still be in the league?

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1 hour ago, MonserinNC said:

My real question is had Skip Bayless not made him this huge public figure, could he have had a quiet career as a backup like Chase Daniels?

Skip Bayless? Tebow was arguably the most popular college QB ever. He was a terrible QB prospect and yet he still had Tebowmania backing him. That started well before Skip got involved. Just saying.

Anyways in regard to would Tebow still be playing? Probably not, but maybe. I think Tebow could’ve switched to TE and could’ve perhaps carved out a niche roll as a gadget TE option. That said, TE can be a very difficult position to pickup. Had he done so though with his 6’3” 245 lbs frame and 4.7 speed and his natural field instincts... could he have positioned himself into a savvy TE option like a poor man’s Jason Witten? Maybe.

I mean we’ve seen former HS basketball players switch to TE and turn into some of the top TEs of all time. While he wasn’t a hyper athlete, Tebow having played QB could’ve potentially had a wealth of knowledge with regard to how to exploit defenses’. Crazier things have happened.

Though TEs lasting to 33/34, that’s also not a given- especially not considering Tebow’s likely physical brand of play. He was probably smart to go the baseball route. Ultimately probably made similar money to what he would’ve made in the league as a backup TE, yet without the same CTE concerns.

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Taysom Hill is 20 pounds lighter, 3/4 of an inch shorter, and runs a 4.44 instead of Tebow's 4.71

Tebow could have been a RB/FB/TE/Gadget QB, but not a star at it.

If he could be a decent blocker and pass catcher at 245 then he could have been a 12 year 45th man on the roster.

He was a 5.0 per carry(5.4 in Denver) 989 yard and 12 TD ball carrier in the actual NFL.

He did that in the playoffs too (63 yards and a TD in that game)

He was a better everything at the NFL over lots of guys like Brady Quinn.

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Maybe as guy you throw in at FB that occasionally nightlights as a gadget player, along the lines of Brad Smith. Probably would never have stuck on one team (again like Brad Smith). Depends on a lot on which coach he’d be working with. 

Honestly, could probably say the same about a lot of players though. If they can be a semi-decent blocker (at their size), retain some running ability, be able to catch easy balls, and make gimmicky passes, then you probably could squeeze in on a couple of teams. Basically a lesser athlete, lesser-receiver, version of Terrelle Pryor (but he similarly insisted on playing certain positions).

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11 hours ago, MonserinNC said:

My real question is had Skip Bayless not made him this huge public figure, could he have had a quiet career as a backup like Chase Daniels?

Absolutely. Maybe not just skip but the media in general. He couldn’t be a backup in NE without a media circus around him. Nfl teams don’t want that. 

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3 hours ago, ChazStandard said:

Tebow could have stayed in the league without changing his position, if the media hadn't made it more trouble than it was worth to have him on the roster. Taysom Hill is basically Tebow without the media hype already, and OCs are always looking for versatility and wrinkles.

I didn't disagree, but I also put a lot of it on Tebow's own hubris. Tebow didn't want to play other positions outside of a few snaps, so his career was done in by that as well. 

I don't know what sort of position he'd play - TE, FB, HB, maybe - but he was steadfast in not switching positions, so he wasn't going to get to stick around based on his lack of basic ability. But, if guys like Josh Cribbs or Julian Edelman could carve out some nice careers at other positions, I don't see why Tebow couldn't have been a short yardage RB or something.

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9 hours ago, Starless said:

I don't think he had any skills that translated particularly well to the NFL.

I've had a pet theory that QBs who transition to TE/WR have a leg up as the completely understand the passing game and what a QB wants - look at players like Jay Riemersma, Bert Emanuel, or Julian Edelman, who all outproduced their talent and stuck around longer than one might've thought.

I thought Tebow had marginal passing skills (he had that a wind-up motion to his throw, which just takes to long, and shaky accuracy) but his intangibles were off the charts. 

The idea that most intrigued me is when USA Rugby tried to get him to come play. That would've been amazing. 

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No. He was a good athlete for the QB position but not really for other positions. Especially not for his size.

He’d really only be a FB and that position is barely hanging on.

Maybe in today’s nfl he would have a better chance at QB with RPO’s etc (didn’t the Broncos try some wildcat stuff?) and offenses being more simplified and creative. But most likely not since he was just not a good thrower of the football. Unless your coached by Gase in which case you need a PhD at QB to succeed.

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