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Mock draft 1.0 w/trades

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Mock draft:


  • eagles acquire 18th, 36th, and 114th from Phins for 6th overall pick.
  • Texans trade D.Watson to Panthers for 8th & 39th overall pick ‘21, 2022 & 2023 1st rd pick
  • 49ers acquire Sam Darnold & 23rd overall pick from Jets for 12th overall & 2021 compensatory 3rd rd pick
  • 49ers trade QB Garappolo to Pats for 46th overall pick.
  • Saints trade CB Lattimore to Jaguars for 65th overall pick(3rd rd).
  • Saints acquire QB bridgewater for ‘21 4th rd pick & ‘22 2nd rd pick.


Round 1:


  1. Jags- Lawrence, QB Clemson
  2. Jets- Wilson, QB BYU
  3. Phins- Sewell, OT Oregon
  4. Falcons- Fields, QB Ohio St
  5. Bengals- Chase, WR LSU
  6. Phins- Smith, WR Bama
  7. Lions- Waddle, WR Bama
  8. Texans- lance, QB NDST
  9. Broncos- Parsons, LB PSU
  10. Cowboys- Paye, DL Mich
  11. Giants- Rousseau, DE Miami
  12. Jets- Pitts, TE UF
  13. LAC- Vera-Tucker, OL UsC
  14. Vikes- Basham, DE Wake Forest
  15. NE- Surtain, CB Bama
  16. AZ- Farley, CB V-tech
  17. LVR- Barrmore, DL Bama
  18. PHI- Horn, CB SC
  19. WFT- Darrisaw, OT VTech
  20. CHI- Bateman, WR Minn
  21. IND- Slater, OT NW
  22. TEN- Owusu-Kilomoah, LB ND
  23. SF- T.Campbell, CB UGA
  24. PIT- W.Davis, G/C Ohio St
  25. JAX- Ettiene, RB Clemson
  26. CLE- Ojulari, LB UGA
  27. BAL- Moehrig, S TCU
  28. NO- Marshall, WR LSU
  29. GB- Moore, WR Purdue
  30. BuF- Collins, Lb TuLSa
  31. KC- Cosmi, OT UT
  32. TB- Phillips, DL Miami


Round 2: 


33. JAX- M.Wilson, DL FSU

34. NYJ- G.Newsome, CB NW

35. ATL- Harris, RB Bama

36. PHI- Toney, WR UF

37. PHI-Weaver, DE Pitt

38. CIN- Mayfield, OT Mich

39. HOU- Stevenson, WR Houston

40. DEN- Holland, S Oregon

41. DET- Nixon, DL Iowa

42. NYG- Surratt, WR Wake Forest

43. SF- Myers, C Ohio St

44. DAL- Robinson, CB UCF

45. JAX- leatherwood, OL Bama

46. SF- Tryon, EDGE Wash

47. LAC- Adebo, CB Stanford

48. LVR- Ossai, LB Texas 

49. AZ- Williams, RB UNC

50. MIA- Bolton, Lb Mizzou

51. WFT- M.Jones, QB Bama

52. CHI- Trask, QB UF

53. TEN-  Onwuzurike, DT Wash

54. IND- Melifonwu, CB Cuse

55. Pit- eichenberg, Ot ND

56. SEA- Radonz, OT NdST

57. LAR- Tufele, DL USC

58. BAL- Odeyingbo, DL Vandy

59. CLE- Oweh, EDGE PSU

60. Saints- wade, CB ohio st

61. Bills- T.Smith, G/C Tenn

62. Packers- carman, OL Clemson

63. Chiefs- Moses, LB Bama

64. Bucs- Hudson, OT cincy

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Looks good for the Falcons with Sewell already gone i have no problem with Fields if we can't talk anyone into a trade down cause lord knows we need more picks to fill out this roster lol.   As for round 2 Harris is a HUGE GET for the Falcons he is the best or 2nd best RB in this draft and fits Smith's scheme and also a big need perfectly.

Also welcome to the site i look forward to more of your mock drafts and discussions even if i don't like certain picks i'll enjoy debating it with you when that happens.  If you ever need any info on the Falcons at all don't hesitate to ask or pm me any question. 

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Good Bengals picks

I don't think the Eagles drop from 6 to 18 without picking up a 2022 1st

I'd say drop that 2023 1st to the Texans from the Panthers and then, maybe I could see Carolina doing that.

I'm not sure if Darnold has the trade value of a 2nd rd pick, which is what it would take to move up from 12 to 23

I don't think the Pats would want Garrapolo back with his injury history, and especially not for a 2nd.

Not sure if Lattimore goes for only a third even on the last year of his deal, I think he'll go for at least a 2nd and that any trade is likely contingent on working out an extension.

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