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Georgia police want to question Dolphins CB Xavien Howard about shooting, Howard declines interview

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17 hours ago, DontTazeMeBro said:

Honestly this just seems like reckless journalism with a bunch of innuendo. Smoke? Fire? All I’ve seen is that there was a shooting a long time ago and he doesn’t want to talk to the police. Like who did tf wants to talk to the police? Why are they talking about invoking the 5th? No one said he did anything.

I agree there's alot of info missing seems like there's a player attached and they wanted to publish something even tho seems like this will end up being a non story.

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On 2/21/2021 at 3:48 PM, Superduperman said:

Never talk to the police. Ever.

You mean in situations where you may be a suspect, or in all situations? (The "Ever" seems to imply the latter.) There are plenty of instances where citizens have aided the police in making crucial, life-saving arrests. If you aren't a suspect, and can aid the police, you should absolutely talk to them.

Now, if you're a suspect: sure. Don't talk. If they have a case, they won't need it, and/or can take another approach. If they don't have a case, then you can only harm yourself.

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