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Does Cam Robinson return?


What should we do with Cam Robinson?  

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  1. 1. What should we do with Cam Robinson?

    • Tag him
    • Sign him to a short deal
    • Lock him up long term
    • Move on

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I mean, the reality is...they kinda have to figure this out before they can really actually know how other options are gonna shake out. Which sucks. 

Wouldn’t want to really have to fall back on Cam as the guy next year. But it’ll be bad news if they don’t have him there as a fallback option and everything else falls through. 

Unfortunate situation to be in. 

I kinda lean toward at least trying to get a short term deal together. If he’s what we have to fall back to, we already know that’s not good enough. But hopefully it just becomes a situation where he’s a “luxury” spare they we can either trade or find a spot for somewhere on the line. We’ve got cap space. Kind of lame to use it on a backup plan like that, but ehhh...not having a backup plan could be even more costly. 

The only thing that really concerns me, is if signing him somehow ends up deterring better actual options from signing here. 

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