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Titans 2020 first-round pick OT Isaiah Wilson quits?

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On 2/22/2021 at 10:51 PM, CKSteeler said:

If I were the Titans I'd hold onto his contract just out of spite, unless I desperately needed the cap space.

Cutting him actually costs more cap space than keeping him for now, which is probably why he hasn't been cut already.  Still a chance to offload him to someone else, or that he fails a physical and saves them some of the guaranteed money.  With it being the offseason, there's no reason to cut him right now.  And yeah, the Titans are tryng to make cap space right now.

18 hours ago, dtait93 said:

I knew this dude was an idiot when he tried to jump off a second story balcony.

Actually I don’t remember if that was before or after him doing donuts in an intersection of a busy city

That was before.  For non-Titans fans, here's a history of his antics off the field:

1. Was caught at an illegal party at TSU during the first shutdown.  When police showed up to break up the party, he almost jumped out the second story window.

2. Crashed his car doing donuts at the intersection of Charlotte and 23rd, which is one of the main streets in downtown Nashville.  He admitted immediately to drinking multiple margaritas.

3. Around New Year's, posted a video on his Twitter of him partying with what looked to be women of ill repute, again violating covid protocols.

4. Was suspended around the same time for an unspecified violation of team rules.

5. As has been said before, he's been on the covid list multiple times, seemingly for not observing the distancing guidelines set by the team.

6. Lastly, reportedly showed up late, out of shape, or not at all to team practices, repeatedly.

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13 hours ago, offbyone said:

This guy is absurdly immature, but I think he will get another shot at it.  He may have danced on it, but he hasn't crossed the line yet.

The dude drunkenly danced on the line and fell off right into oncoming traffic.  I don't think I'd take him on my team. Also, the dude was never really that good in college to be honest. His tape consisted of him mauling people in the run blocking department, but he was terrible in pass protection and is now clearly getting sloppy in the NFL. These are the kinds of idiots that don't learn.


If I were the Titans, I'd keep him as long as I could to rot away on the Covid list. Don't give this turd what he wants. Make him suffer.

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