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The backup situation

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What do ya'll think? Here are some thoughts about JB, and about fans opinions I have read all over the internet....

Saying JB is not a starting QB in the NFL, is the same as saying there are 32 starting QB's currently better than him. I personally feel that is false. I would put him somewhere in the 26-28th range. Obviously he was not good enough for the Colts, and that is why both Rivers and Wentz were brought in. 

I don't know if a team will sign him as a starter pre-season. However, if he waits, there will likely be an injury vacancy during the season that he could cash in on. He has proven admirably that he can come in last minute, and at the least...keep a team at 500 ball. That is worth a lot more than the Colts would offer him to be a backup. 

However, the notion being floated by some that the team should let JB go and elevate Eason to be the clear #2 baffles me. A starter who is going to finding his way in the NFL again, has had some injuries, being backed up by a guy who has never thrown an NFL pass? I guess never say never.....but, let's just say.....I have my doubts. Would he give a home team discount because he has already been paid? I don't know. I try to not give opinion on another person's finances and their decisions therein. 

So who can the Colts afford to sign, if JB is not going to be the guy?

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Some of “these people” wanted Chad Kelly to be the starter last year and some have been pining for Eason to be the starter this year. Every opinion to be had can be found on Twitter. 

I believe based on what Ballard has already said that the Colts will likely sign someone to compete with Eason for the backup job. I’ve even heard Nate Sudfeld mentioned because he was also in Philly with Reich/Wentz. There was no preseason last year so there was no chance to see what Eason could do in game situations. Ballard made some complimentary comments in regards to Eason but wasn’t even willing to call him the number 2 QB yet. 

Brissett won’t be back, he’ll be looking for a starting job or a backup job that pays closer to $10-15 million/year range. We’re not paying that for a backup.

Looking at a list of free agent QBs there are guys like AJ Mccarron, Colt McCoy, both of the backups from San Fran (Nick Mullens and CJ Beathard) and Sudfeld. Plenty of options depends on who the staff likes and can get in the building 

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