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NFLPA is encouraging players to collude in contract negotiations


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20 minutes ago, malagabears said:

It seems it is ilegal at the NFL corporate/team level but not among the players or agents? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️





I don't get it.   How would the strategy work in practice? 

So Arob, Godwin and Golladay agree that they will collectively not sign for less than 20 mil per year or whatever number.   

Okay.   So?  How does that provide leverage over a team?   

Then a team signs ARob or Godwin for $20 mil.   Doesn't mean anything for others.  They may or may not get what they want. 

Maybe none of them get what they want and they get tagged.  They can only sit out.  

They have no collective leverage.   Only collective leverage you have is a league wide strike and owners have shown time and again they will call that bluff and wait it out.

NFL will have a monopoly as long as players and govt. allows it.   No one can legitimately compete with a new league because of upfront stadium costs and govt. has footed a lot of those bills.

Only if a foreign govt. got seriously involved in football would there be competition for talent.   Like soccer.  

Revenue sharing deal is best they can get unless they get govt. support to lean on NFL re their monopoly status.   (They can be forcibly broken up like any monopoly absent a Union).



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