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Texans Release RB D. Johnson

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Love Duke. He's going to be really good for somebody as a 3rd down RB that can also run a little bit. He's getting up there in age, but the guy can still play.

I'd take him back in Cleveland for the right price. Pretty sure he'd laugh at that given that we have Chubb and Hunt.

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44 minutes ago, Broncofan said:

Give it time.

Well, the word on 610 is that they're planning on keeping David Johnson.


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1 minute ago, ramssuperbowl99 said:

If they do release him, please make sure the title matches this one exactly. Maximum confusion.

That's gonna look like a duplicate...






...I betcha I can get TheKillerNacho to lock it. 

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So basically we gave up a free 3rd round pick for him.  Duke Johnson can still be a good 3rd down back.  Stupid O'Brien used him incorrectly.  Go figure. 


Poverty franchise. 

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