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Hot Tub Time Machine: Texas Winter Crisis Mafia - Day 3 (DL: 10EST Mon)

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The title speaks for itself, tbh.


1.  Each Day Phase will have a deadline posted at the onset of the phase.  It will be within 24-36 hours from the previous phase shift.

2.  Each Night Phase will have a thirty-minute (30) duration, starting at time the Day Write-Up is posted.  You may submit night moves within this timeframe or earlier.

3.  You must submit your actions clearly.  If the submission is unclear, it will not be counted.  I will do my best to decipher your intent, but I am not going to commit time to deciphering ambiguous submissions.  If you wish to avoid an issue, submit your night-action or target on a separate line of the PM, or in a separate PM altogether.

4.  You may communicate during the Night Phase, but there will be serious consequences if you you reveal results from the current Night Phase prior to the corresponding Write-Up.  There will be no further warnings.

5.  If the deadline is reached with a tie, there will be a thirty-minute (30) overtime period.  If there is no decision by the end of that 30-minute period, then all players who are tied for the lead vote will die.

6.  Role-claiming and character-claiming are permitted at any time.

7.  Posting Role PMs is forbidden.  Posting game-related screenshots is forbidden.  Anything that a reasonable person would consider substantially similar to the previous two acts is also forbidden.  I consider playing "PM Games" substantially similar.

8.  You may not delete posts.  However, you may edit posts for a fifteen-minute period after submission to correct errors.  You may not significantly or substantively alter the content.  You may not edit votes.  There will be common sense exceptions to the general rule at my discretion.

9.  You may only communicate with other participants through this Game Thread unless otherwise informed by the Host.

10.  Your Role PMs are crafted deliberately.  I am unlikely to answer hypotheticals or anything game-related that extends beyond the four corners of a Night Action PM or Role PM, unless I believe I was unclear or committed an error.

11.  If I commit an error, then say it with me: "I take no responsibility for this," and after you apologize for my error, I will do my best to produce an equitable remedy.

12.  You must play nicely with the other kids, unless the other kids want to fight, then you have to kick the other kids' butts.  You have to follow the new rules, and I will intervene if necessary.  So, please behave.  There will be worse consequences than what I can carry out.

13.  Significant inactivity will result in replacement or modkill.  You must vote and post if you want to avoid being placed on a probation status, where you are in danger of replacement or modkill.

14.  Rule violations that I deem to be flagrant, designed to harm the integrity of the game, or harm the integrity of the game (even without intent) carry draconian consequences.

15.  You cannot post anything game-related upon your death.  Nor, can you make statements that may influence the ongoing game following your death.  See Rule 14.

16.  I reserve the right to do anything I want at any time.

Player List:

0.  SwAg
1.  Dome
2.  MWil - Dallas Doctor, Town-Aligned (N2 Kill)
3.  Orca
4.  Rick
5.  Forge - Beto!, Town-Aligned (D2 Modkill)
6.  gopher
7.  rack
8.  Mega Ron - We the People!, Town-Aligned (N2 Kill)
9.  Scoundrel
10.  Nacho
11.  kingseanjohn
12.  squire
13.  Josh
14.  Malfatron
15.  bcb - Tim Boyd, Town-Aligned (D1 Lynch)

Game Log:
Day 0: Game Start

Day 1, Part 1: The Shop is Open!
Day 1: Bcb is tired of these layabouts.
Night 1: Malfatron is scarred in the darkness, but survives.
Day 2: Forge is decapitated.
Night 2: MWil and Mega Ron die as the storm intensifies.
Day 3:

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