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Jrry32's Second Stafford Mock Off-Season

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Here is my second mock after the Stafford trade. I tried to change things up a bit.

Departing Free Agents

OLB Leonard Floyd

SS John Johnson III

CB Troy Hill

OL Austin Blythe

HB Malcolm Brown

TE Gerald Everett

WR Josh Reynolds

DL Morgan Fox

OLB Samson Ebukam


ILB Kenny Young


DL Aaron Donald

CB Jalen Ramsey


QB Matt Stafford


LS Jake McQuaide

CB Darious Williams (Second Round Tender)

ILB Travin Howard

OL Coleman Shelton

TE Johnny Mundt


Rams trade Round 2 Pick #25 and Round 3 Pick #37

Jets trade Round 3 Pick #2, Round 3 Pick #22, and Round 5 Pick #10

The Jets trade up for a player they want.


Rams trade Round 3 Pick #2

Cowboys trade Round 3 Pick #11 and Round 4 Pick #34

The Cowboys trade up for a player they want.


Rams trade Round 3 Pick #22 and Round 4 Pick #37

Vikings trade Round 3 Pick #14

We trade up with trade up with the Vikings for a player we want.


Rams trade Round 3 Pick #39

Vikings trade Round 4 Pick #14 and Round 4 Pick #37

Vikings trade up with us and return our pick.


Rams trade Round 6 Pick #24

Dolphins trade Round 7 Pick #4 and Round 7 Pick #30

Dolphins trade up late in the Draft.

Free Agency

DeSean Jackson WR

DeSean signs for about the NFL minimum and will operate as a #4 WR. 


Melvin Ingram OLB

Coming off a lost year due to injury at 32 years old, Ingram decides to remain in LA and chase a ring. He signs on a relatively cheap one year deal.


Alex Mack OL

Mack decides to return to where he grew up to chase a ring.

NFL Draft

Round 3 Pick #11 - Quincy Roche OLB Miami


Analysis: At 6'2" 243, Roche only fits well in the 3-4, but he has massive amounts of upside as a 3-4 edge rusher. Possessing good strength for his size along with the explosiveness, speed, agility, and flexibility, Roche is very disruptive. He's more of a splashy run defender than a consistent one at this stage. He needs to play with more consistent leverage if he's going to hold up on running downs, but his physical talent, diverse set of pass rush moves, and advanced pass rush plans make him a very dangerous rusher off the edge. 

Round 3 Pick #14 - Pete Werner ILB Ohio State


Analysis: Werner is my favorite of the Day 2 ILBs. He's a true three-down player who has the athleticism to run sideline to sideline, the size and strength to defeat blocks and fill holes in the running game, and the experience and football IQ to be consistent and reliable player. He's not a splashy guy, but he's a player you can count on to be exactly where he's supposed to be snap after snap. In coverage, he's quite adept in zone and can man up against TEs, but twitchy HBs and slot WRs will give him problems. He should fit well in our scheme.

Round 4 Pick #14 - Tamorrion Terry WR Florida State


Analysis: In terms of physical ability, Tamorrion Terry is a first round talent. At 6'4", he has suddenness, twitch, acceleration, contact balance, and explosive long speed. He's a kid who can take the top off a defense or catch a slant and house it. Issue is that Terry has a lot of inconsistencies in his game, the worst being poor hand technique leading to dropped passes. He also had injury issues in 2020 and didn't mesh well with the new coaching staff (eventually leaving the team midyear and opting out). But despite the inconsistencies and rawness, this is a kid who has the potential to be an impact player in the NFL.

Round 4 Pick #34 - Ar'Darius Washington DB Texas Christian 


Analysis: A solid number of teams will refuse to draft Washington because of his size (5'8" 180), but if he were 5'11" 195, he'd probably go in the second round. This is a kid who has the quickness and cover skills to be a slot CB along with the range, instincts, and ball skills to be a single-high FS. His versatility will be valuable to us. He has the tackling ability and physicality to be a traditional split safety for us, or he can slide down and potentially start in the slot. His lack of length makes it difficult for him to get off blocks, but it doesn't stop him from being a great tackler, especially in space.

Round 4 Pick #37 - Robert Hainsey OL Notre Dame


Analysis: Hainsey's value to us will come from his ability to play all five positions on the OL. He started at RT for Notre Dame, but he showed well at the Senior Bowl at Guard and Center. I think Hainsey's greatest upside is at Center (but he'll need some development time there). He has the intelligence, technique, athleticism, mean streak, and upper body strength to be a very good starter at the position. At Guard, he's doesn't have the overwhelming power you'd ideally want, and at tackle, he doesn't have the range to consistently hold up against NFL speed. But he can play both positions well enough to cover for injuries.

Round 5 Pick #10 - Darius Stills DT West Virginia


Analysis: I'd love to see Stills learn from Aaron Donald. At 6'1" 285, Stills has a similar build and a similar game. He's not the talent that Donald is/was (who is), but he has an explosive first step, powerful and violent hands, surprising strength, good agility, and natural leverage. He's a very disruptive pass rusher who often wins early. Where he needs to improve is his ability to counter when an OL wins early in the reps. As a run defender, he needs a lot of development. He picks disruption over discipline, which leads to mistakes. But on the bright side, he has a nonstop motor and makes some very impressive plays in pursuit.

Round 7 Pick #4 - Chris Evans HB Michigan


Analysis: Evans hasn't done much over the past two years. He missed the 2019 season due to academic issues and barely played in 2020. However, Evans showed a lot of upside earlier in his career. At 5'10" 220, he has quick feet, solid speed, solid contact balance, and natural pass-catching skills. His instincts in the ground game are also decent, and he has flashed the ability to run great routes and pass block. His game needs a lot of development, but he has the tools to be a three-down HB and a real threat in the passing game.

Round 7 Pick #25 - Avery Williams CB/RS Boise State


Analysis: We pick Williams mainly for special teams purposes. Do/n't get me wrong, Williams has the talent and skills at CB to compete for a backup job. He even has the potential to develop into a starting nickel CB. He tackles well, has quick feet, and natural cover skills, but his size (5'9" 190) and lack of great speed make him unlikely to play outside. Where he really shines is as a return man on special teams. Williams has 6 career PR TDs and 3 career KR TDs in college. He has also blocked multiple punts. As we saw in 2020, we can use all the help we can get on special teams.

Round 7 Pick #30 - Matt Bushman TE Brigham Young


Analysis: Bushman made a mistake going back to BYU. If he had come out last year, he is probably a fourth or fifth round pick. But he returned to school and tore his Achilles before the season started. Bushman is older (25 years old) because he did a mission, but he's an impressive talent. At 6'5" 250, Bushman has the separation quickness to beat LBs in man coverage, the speed to threaten the seam, and the hands and physicality to make catches with DBs draped on him. As a blocker, he's more of a positional blocker who lacks the mean streak you'd ideally want, but he has the size, frame, and strength to be solid at it with improved technique.

Projected Starters

QB: Matt Stafford

HB: Cam Akers

WR: Robert Woods

WR: Cooper Kupp

WR: Van Jefferson

TE: Tyler Higbee

LT: Andrew Whitworth

LG: David Edwards

C; Alex Mack

RG: Austin Corbett

RT: Rob Havenstein


DE: Michael Brockers

NT: Sebastian Joseph-Day

DE: Aaron Donald

OLB: Terrell Lewis

ILB: Pete Werner

ILB: Micah Kiser

OLB: Melvin Ingram

CB: Jalen Ramsey

CB: Darious Williams

CB: David Long Jr.

FS: Jordan Fuller

SS: Terrell Burgess


K: Matt Gay

P: Johnny Hekker

LS: Jake McQuaide

KR: Avery Williams

PR: Avery Williams

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 As a Wolverines fan, I love the Chris Evans pick late in the draft. He’s a very raw talent, but he’s got talent nonetheless. With Akers and Hendo we could keep him on ice for a couple of years. 
 Good mock overall, if half of these pick ups were to happen I’d be happy.

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