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Better WR Right Now: Davante Adams or DeAndre Hopkins


Who's better right now between these two WR's   

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  1. 1. Who's better right now between these two WR's 

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On 3/3/2021 at 8:44 AM, Pugger said:

Adams, because the rest of our WR corps isn't stellar so he gets almost all of the defenses' attention and still puts up ridiculous numbers.  I would think AZ has a better WR group overall.

Look at his time in Houston - back when the Texans had Cecil Shorts, Nate Washington and Keith Mumphrey. That's a pretty bad lineup, but that didn't stop Hopkins going All Pro... 

In addition, Larry Fitzgerald is playing like what you'd expect from a 38 y/o WR, Christian Kirk is inconsistent and Andy Isabella is simply not productive right now.

If there's a difference between units, it's not by much.

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3 minutes ago, Scalamania said:

"Who is the better WR right now?"

FF - "Well in 2015"

...never change, FF, never change. 

Well, 115/1407/7 right now (in a new offense with a new QB and no offseason to work on timing) isn't worth much to some, and people are praising that one time where Adams wasn't working with the NFL MVP, so...

... gotta play whatever hand is dealt, y'know?

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On 3/2/2021 at 2:00 AM, NYRamsFan88 said:

 Very close indeed, but I like the fact that Hopkins has balled out regardless of who’s throwing him the ball. I’d like to see what Adams could do with lesser QBs throwing him the ball...I’ll go with Hopkins 

While your point stands as Hopkins has a much more lengthy/significant body of work with average and just flat out bad levels of play at QB, Adams did manage 46 catches for 543 yards and 5 TDs in 8 games with Brett Hundley at QB in 2017 so he's not entirely unproven there.

Hundley was on the Osweiler/Mallettnlevel of 'quality' under centre. In those 7 games Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb combined had 56 catches for under 600yds and 1 TD in that stretch. Adams accounted for 36% of Hundley total yards, 35% of his yards, and 63% of his tds. 

Just pointing out since Adams took a while to hone his craft (while Hopkins was a star from the get go), and his play in that stretch is what really got a good few packers fans noticing that he could be a lot more than just a decent NFL WR going forward. That, and a fake spike against the bears for those who remember it!

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