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Hello Houston Texans Fans!!!!


We really want to have a fan representative from each forum to run each team. We'd love to have someone from your forum represent your team.

Signups are open now and close on 3/22. You can see all info in the link above.

I am your forum's FFMD representative. If you have any questions or concerns, don't be shy about sending me a pm or tagging me with a question or concern.

If you are interested in repping your squad, but are concerned about doing it yourself, let me know and I can help you build a staff or find a partner.

Hopefully one of you can do something @ET80 will be proud of, which might be the bare minimum!

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I know there's plenty of you all in here angry enough to prove how much better you all are than your organization! Someone wants to step up. 

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8 minutes ago, jch1911 said:

I will be more than happy to support, but I do not want to be lead on this one.

Same here - I simply don't have the bandwidth to handle an FFMD, but will do whatever our GM wants us to do.

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I think if you all work as a group, then you can make a group decision. You can have a defacto GM in name only. They just need to make sure they make the pick is all. 

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The 49ers forum is doing it as a group. If there are several of you that want to help out, you could do it that way.

Put each pick to a community vote and then someone post it. That is essentially how I am running the Eagles War Room. 

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