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RamsPackFan 2021 Mock 3.0

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Key Departures:

Leonard Floyd, Samson Ebukam, Malcolm Brown, Troy Hill, John Johnson, Josh Reynolds, Austin Blythe, Michael Brockers


*Contract restructures: Ramsey, Donald, Kupp and Stafford. 


Free Agent Signings:

Desmond King - CB

Tyler Kroft - TE

Melvin Ingram - LB

Alex Mack - C



2021 Draft Results:

2. DWayne Eskridge - WR/W.Michigan

3. Landon Dickerson - OL/Alabama

3. Dylan Moses - LB/Alabama

4. Thomas Graham - CB/Oregon

6. Javian Hawkins - RB/Louisville

7. Grant Stuard - LB/Houston 


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Its honestly about as good as we can hope for at this point. 

Most mocks with a realistic chance of happening are going to be shuffling around the same puzzle pieces that other teams have tossed out

Unless you predict a pretty drastic move, not much of this starting roster is changing at this point.

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