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BringinDaPain's 2021 GM Mock Draft sign up now..

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Welcome to BringinDaPain's 2021 7 Round Mock. We will be doing a standard 7-Round mock GM draft without the free agency. I am looking for 31 well committed posters to make this the best Mock to date. Sign up or PM me if interested.

 All current FA players can be added to new teams as they sign. Same with tagged players they stay with current teams unless traded in the mock or irl.

 Trades are encouraged and are to be accepted by both sides and approved by myself.


 - Only Sign up if you are committed to finishing. The Draft could take around several weeks to complete and the entire process almost a month.
 - Draft Only. No FA, No Tags, No Tenders
 - 1 hour time slots (only the 1st Round)
 - (Only player's that have declared can be drafted)
 - After all teams are full there will be a period in which you can trade players. No coaching frenzy..
 - I have the power to veto any player trades if I feel it is too unrealistic or lopsided.
 - If your going to miss your pick, PM a small big board to myself, or someone you can trust who will help make the selection for you.
 - A missed pick in the first round will be voted upon by all active GMs. A missed pick in any other round will just be missed.
 - All rosters must be or stay at 53 (except during the draft)
 - No trading 2020 drafted players.
 - You may carry 10 players on your Practice Squad. 


AFC East
Bills: Nick
Dolphins: mountainpd
Patriots: SirA1
Jets: JetsandI

AFC North  
Bengals: sparky151
Browns: cortes02
Steelers: Cbrunn

AFC South
Jaguars: LinderFournette
Titans:  Daniel

AFC West
Broncos: BowserBroncos
Raiders:  NYRaider

NFC East
Cowboys: D82
Giants:  ny92mike
Eagles: IrishHooligan00
Redskins: MikeT14

NFC North
Bears: Madmike90
Packers: MaximusGluteus
Vikings:  WizardHawk

NFC South
Panthers: BringinDaPain 
Buccaneers:  xlfrosti

NFC West
49ers:  Forge


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