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Miami Dolphins Free Agency Thread

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The cutting of Kyle Van Noy, his release I believe stumped most of us, at the time the only thing I could thing of is the need/want to make cap space yet teams can creatively make space in other ways. However this has occurred to me and it is purely speculation, perhaps he was the main player behind the alleged Tua "controversy" in the locker room. IF this is true, as a team leader, and Tua is the franchise QB I can see how that might be the catalyst for the organization to make this move. I can see how Van Noy might have the criticism he did as well, playing his entire career with  Matt Stafford, Tom Brady then half a season with Fitz (who was definitely more polished at the time). The guy is used to strong QB play, remember Fitz was playing great when the change was made.   

Obviously its over and done, and this is beating a dead horse, but from a place of trying to make sense of the move this at least provides me an explanation that is palatable.  

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accidentally left out Stafford
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