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2021 Free Agency Thread NFL/MIN

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Griffin/Dantzler/Gladney would be a very good trio of corners for a 3 year window of their contracts.


Seeing a good chunk of deals that are heavily backloaded given the cap talk is that it will jump to 220M next year and 240M the year after that if things go as expected.

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Zeitler signed with Baltimore for 3 years $22 mil, was never a fan of bringing him here because of his age and honestly he is not all that great.


And looks like Barr restructured his deal for 1 year $10 mil and saved the team $2.9 mil in cap space.  Will see what he can do this year and I assume that means Wilson will be gone then.



1 minute ago, gopherwrestler said:


can I dream

Pass, my guess is he gets way over paid and ultimately is not all that great of a player in the end.  Plays opposite 6 time Pro Bowler Cam Jordan who has 93.5 sacks in 9 years.  Sure as hell hope you can get some sacks on the other side, not to mention them also having Rankins and Brown in the middle, along with David Onyemata who had 6.5 sacks, Davenport who is a solid end as is Carl Granderson who had 5 sacks as well this past year on the DL.


Dennis Gardeck got a 1 year deal worth $3.3 mil and had 7 sacks and played good as a pass rusher, will see if he can develop more but was only one season or great production for him. 

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