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T.Gurley on a 2 year deal?

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1 minute ago, Dcash4 said:

This was one of the pieces that the podcast I listed too touched on regarding our scheme/mentality. We were a passively blocking passing team so much that it basically neutered our run game.

If that doesn't light a fire up inside of you nothing will. Them is fighting words! Or they should be! Passive and Neutered are not two adverbs you want to use to describe your OL or their play. Unfortunately, it is the truth and it fires me up reading that. Too many times inside of the ten or even five yard line that happened. They could not power the ball into the endzone against anyone. How many other third or fourth and one or two's this season that they couldn't convert running? Passive and Neuter whew! I hated hearing soft!

You cant be passing run blocking and that's ultimately what we became. We were pass blocking and then running 2nd and 10 draws. There was no - lets go maul people - attitude to the offense because that's what they were basically getting away from. 

With Ben's assentation as a passer, the Steelers seemed to get away from the mauling type of OL's that were a staple under Coach Cowher. No more Keomatu's at OG or Willie Colon types. I think ideally, we want balanced OL's (those who can beat you up and protect the QB). Not as easy as it seems to find those types. 

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Todd Gurley got a rough deal.  

Underutilized on a good team then flatlines on a bad team.  

He’s probably not going to ever be at that level again either.   

I’d probably go with Adrian Peterson instead. 

He managed to break 1k yards on Washington’s offense at 32 years old.  

He can still play and he says he’d like to play for us.

What do we have to lose?  

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