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the free agent frenzy 2021 - a thread to discuss what teams with money are doing with it

how many big splsahes gute gonna make today  

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  1. 1. how many

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if we can't participate in the fun at least we can **** on decisions other teams make. we might get a couple cheapo's maybe or **** maybe gute does something crazy and brings in a good player today

some guys i'm keeping my eye on 



tim boyle - maybe they bring him back on less than the tender 

tyler ervin - cheap returner/satellite guy  
mike boone - if he's on a near minimum deal i like him as a 3rd back, obviously probably just draft someone. has juice
brian hill - probably gonna fetch more than we can budget for a 3rd back, but a guy i'd keep my eye on if no deals are coming in on for w/e reason

anthony firkser - does a lot of what they're gonna ask deguara to do. feels like a packer guy. maybe a cheap body we could add  
alex armah - if they wanna add a straight lead blocker type. seems like a good locker room guy

aj green - looked pretty washed, but maybe he'll take a cheap deal to go to somewhere where he can win and be involved. culture guy
ty hilton - there's "rumors" we're linked to him. i can't imagine he'd come super cheap like green might 
golden tate - pretty toast, but a cheap thing if he wants it maybe 
sammy watkins - another washed guy that might be cheap
adam humphries - flopped in tennessee for some reason, but could be a nice cheap get and give us a move the chains kinda guy
john brown - think he'll probably go to highest bidder, so this is unlikely. doesn't really fit either. but maybe 
breshad perriman - could cash in on another prove it deal here, fits what we do 
willie snead - move the chains guy. maybe
keelan cole - will probably get a decent deal from someone, goes to highest bidder which prolly won't be us
curtis samuel - almost 100% assuredly not coming here, should get a decent deal 
jojo natson - return option coming off injury 
dede westbrook - doesn't fit what we do really, but would give us something different, cheap/prove it coming off injury
josh reynolds - feels like a packer. fits what we do. is in his "prime". good guy. no idea what kinda deal he fetches, but could be an option

marcedes lewis - should be back assuming he still wants to play
kyle rudolph - if we lose marcedes could use a good inline blocker, he's sufficient. probably will fetch more than we could budget
gerald everett - probably outta budget. but would be another guy can move around. maybe redundant with josiah. 
trey burton - good blocker... move piece. not really needed, but whatever


germain ifedi - has turned into a pretty decent guard. could be an option to come and compete with patrick and runyan for a starting role. 
austin blythe - could start at center or guard for us. should have a big market, this is super unlikely
lane taylor - maybe a minimum deal to see if he's got anything after the injuries
ben garland - cheap bandaid center
ted karras - cheap bandaid center
david andrews - should have a decent market, this is unlikely

dalvin tomlinson - the dream fa. we have interest. can they move around money enough to be able to pull the trigger? prolly not
sheldon rankins - young talented dline, a little undersized
denico autry - can play the 3 and 5 t. 31 a little old.
shelby harris - wisconsin guy, talented, 31. good 3t. 
johnathan hankins - 29. he's good. 
adam butler - massive body. young. great run stuffer. 
malcolm brown - 28 good dl body
derek wolfe - feel like we talk about him every offseason. getting old. 
dj jones - pretty undersized at 6ft, but can play the 1t
daquan jones - good big body. 30.
quinton jefferson - decent 5t. 28.
carlos watkins - big guy that gets some push. 28. 
angelo blackson - big guy that gets some push. 29. probably better than watkins. 
chris wormley - big body 5t. 28.
larry ogunjobi -  no idea what his market is gonna look like. but a great run defender at times and youngish still. great locker room. pff hates him for some reason 
lawrence guy - how tf is guy only 30? i remember drafting him what feels like over a decade ago. 
mike pennel - bring back some penneltration
snacks harrison - didn't use him when we had him... maybe bring back him tho 
jurrell casey - can never stay healthy. maybe we give him a cheap try. 32.
kawann short - can never stay healthy. maybe we give him a cheap try. 32.
john jenkins - big body. 31. 
abry jones - body body. coming off injury

efe obada - really no need to spend on edge, but he fits what we like 
randy ramsey - could do it

nicholas morrow - would love this. probably gonna get paid tho. 
anthony walker jr. - good run stopper / great leader. only 26.
denzel perryman - run stopper... 29
devondre campbell - gonna be too expensive
eric wilson - i have no idea how good this guy is, but he filled up the stat sheet last year. prolly too expensive i dunno. 
avery williamson - gonna be too expensive 
jayon brown - not a good tackler / good coverage undersized guy. 26. gonna be too expensive
tyus bowser - really good coverage guy. might be cheap. 26
reggie ragland - slow run stopper.. should be cheap
josh bynes - decent old vet
kevin pierre-louis - a guy i want every offseason
damien wilson - decent lb
will compton - good guy. old and probably done tho
james burgess - maybe bring back / st'er
kwon alexander - coming off injury / undersized... would bring some speed/coverage. 27

shaquil griffin - good young corner, we'd have to do something crazy to make it work
william jackson - too expensive prolly
ronald darby - too expensive prolly
richard sherman - too expensive prolly
malcolm butler - too expensive prolly
desmond trufant - is he even good anymore?
casey hayward - pretty old at 32, but would love a short reunion 
cam sutton - good young corner
mike hilton - real good nickel. 27
desmond king - doesn't really fit what we look for
chidobe awuzie - decent young corner. good length
troy hill - real good nickel. 30. worked with barry last year
janoris jenkins - old but good
mackensie alexander - wanted him bad last year. want him now.
justin coleman - good slot
levi wallace - probably gets tendered soon
brian poole - good nickel
aj bouye - is he washed at 30? 
kevin king - yuck 
kabion ento - maybe

malik hooker - most injury prone guy in the league. give him a prove it deal. gives a single high type
tashaun gipson - always solid. allows us to use savage more uniquely 
karl joseph - decently cheap option maybe for 3rd safety
raven greene - maybe probably 
marcell harris - decent guy
will redmond - ST 

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Here's hoping Linsley gets the BAG today from an AFC team. 

Also hope Jamaal and King do better than I think they will. 

If the Packers choose not to add a true "FA" like last year and instead focus on guys who have been released, we could still come out of this with a 4th rounder for Linsley and maybe a couple of 6's for Williams/King. 

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4 minutes ago, packfanfb said:

Thuney's going to get a lot of money...



indeed. for sure give that money to a corner or dline if you're gonna give a big money deal out. 

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44 minutes ago, Rainmaker90 said:

Who knows , maybe he can still run and just didn’t have a QB

He had a pretty decent 2nd half of last season .. in the last 8 games he had 511 yds receiving and 5 TD's.  I think he can still play a little.  He's be a nice veteran signing I'd think.

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2 hours ago, packfanfb said:

It's that time of year. Love FA frenzy even if the Packers pretty much sit out the early rounds. 

Since Gute has taken over we are getting our deals done early, normally in the first few days. That day when he signed Preston, Amos, Zee and Billy, what a feeling!!!

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