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the free agent frenzy 2021 - a thread to discuss what teams with money are doing with it

how many big splsahes gute gonna make today  

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  1. 1. how many

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1 hour ago, vegas492 said:

He's not a blocker.  Lines up the backfield and run the jet stuff a lot.  To me, that is a gadget guy.  A better version of Ervin.  I'm down with it, but not if it costs real money.

I'd love to see what he does with us, too.  

But I'd rather we find someone to cover and tackle first.

He's also an effective receiver, which I would say makes him not just a gadget player, but I get what you're saying. 

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18 minutes ago, Packerraymond said:

The nickel in this defense was made for Darnell.

Unless I wasn't paying very close attention, it seemed Barry viewed Alexander's future in that STAR role.

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5 minutes ago, FinneasGage said:

NOT A 3rd? 

$12.5 aav is probably a 4th based on typical charts I've seen. 

For example, this past season, the cut-off for 3rd v. 4th was about $15m aav. 

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1 minute ago, deltarich87 said:

It's borderline, but I think it'll probably be a 4th

It's not even borderline.  The lowest 3rd round comp pick handed out that was for a minority higher was the Rams for Dante Fowler.  Fowler averaged $15M/year.  The highest 4th round pick handed out was Dallas for Robert Quinn who averaged $14M/year.  It's a middle-ish 4th round compensatory pick.

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