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First Mock of the Year.

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I used the PFN Mock Draft Simulator for this mock draft.  This one allows trades so I was wheelin and dealin. The Packers are drafting at the ends of all the rounds so I really hope Gute is willing to trade with teams looking to get in before the end of a round. That’s a easy way to accumulate picks. 

 I did a mix of need vs BPA. My needs going into the draft were OT, DT, CB, IOL/OC, WR, LB. 

Round 1 Pick 29:

Jalen Mayfield - OT - Michigan. 6’5 319lbs.



I love a Big 10 OL. Born and raised in Michigan so playing in the cold is no problem. Former 4 star All American out of high school. 

He’s versatile, can play either tackle position and even OG.  I really value an OL that can play multiple positions especially a young guy that way you can potentially get him on the field early and often. Did I mention young? He’s turning 21 this year so you know a kid of this caliber is only scratching the surface of his potential.  He only started in 15 game during his time at Michigan so he is only going to get better.  Fills the OT need. 

TRADE ALERT:  Bengals send pick 62 and pick 111 to the Packers for pick 69 (nice). Packers trade out of the end of the 2nd round and pick up an extra 4th rounder. 

Round 3 Pick 69 (nice...):

Jevon Holland - Nickel CB/Slot CB/FS - Oregon (Nike U) - 6’1 196lbs.


I’m going to go ahead and preface this by saying I’m a huge Duck fan and I’m allowing myself one homer pick. Also I don’t see how Holland falls all the way to the beginning of the 3rd round. This would be an ABSOLUTE steal.  We’ve seen this happen before so it’s in the realm of possibility.  I would be okay with Jevon being the pick at #29 or even trading up in the 2nd round the grab him. In this instance I was able to trade back and still grab him while accumulating picks. 

Man I love me some 8. Bay Area kid. 4 star coming out of high school.  Dad is a DB coach, coached a little in the CFL. A bit of a quirky kid, go look at his Twitter and you’ll see what I mean. He once tweeted saying the Earth is flat. Maybe that will throw some GMs off and he slips a bit. 

At Oregon he played multiple positions in the defensive backfield. Again, I love a versatile player. He can play Slot CB, Nickel and FS. He’s a ball hawk and great in coverage. 9 INTs in 2 seasons. 10 PDs.  Hard nosed sure tackler. He’s a great leader and communicates effectively. He can also return punts. Had a couple of electric punt returns vs Auburn in Dallas.  I think he would fit in great with JA, they would definitely get along and mesh. Another young kid, opted out in 2020 so he only played 2 season but played 27 games and started a ton. Watch his 2019 highlights I posted above, the kid just makes plays. 

I know he’s not a true CB but the fact that he will give our defense flexibility as far as personnel goes is great and he will hold up in coverage in the slot. So he takes care of our Slot CB/Nickel CB need with a shot at being a REALLY good Safety down the line. 

Round 4 Pick 92 

Tyler Shelvin - IDL - LSU - 6’3 362lbs (a certified WATP)



WATP ALERT! Fills our IDL need in a big way. A 5 star prospect coming out of Louisiana. There’s a trend here, I like a player highly rated coming out of high school. SEC DL are nice just like Big 10 OL. Big boy ball.

He would fit in as a 3-4 NT. Big time run stopper, doesn’t offer much as a pass rusher other than pushing the pocket so he will most likely be relegated to a 2 down lineman. But this is the type of guy I think we need aside Clark on run downs. The pass rushing package is set with Clark, Big Z, P. Smith and Rah “Bane” Gary so I don’t think pass rushing is a huge need. 

He’s big and strong but also uses technique to disengage, shed and make the play.  He’s more than willing to take on blockers and has a high motor. 

TRADE ALERT: Packers trade back in the 5th to pick up an extra pick later in the draft. (Sorry I don’t have the specifics on the rest of the trades because somehow the webpage refreshed and I lost that info)

Round 4 Pick 117 

Paulson Adebo - CB Stanford - 6’1 190lbs


Here is your prototype CB pick. Yes, another highly ranked kid coming out of HS. Stanford grad. Unlike Holland, Adebo will be strictly relegated at boundary corner. Athletic kid, nice greasy hips, can get change direction and get upfield quick. Solid ball skills and high football IQ. He would replace King. 

Round 4 Pick 135 

Drake Jackson - OC/IOL - Kentucky - 6’2 292


With the departure of Linsley, grabbing a Center made sense to me. We could always slide Jenkins over for the time being but I like Jenkins more at OG. 

A 4 star All American out of high school. Played big boy football in the SEC.  4 year starter. Touted as the best Center to ever play at UK.  He’s not the strongest kid but he’s a great fit for a inside zone running scheme. Uses leverage to his advantage. Good mobility and agility. Probably doesn’t have the versatility to play anywhere else along the line. 

Round 5 Pick 150 - Adetokunbo Ogundeji - DT - Norte Dame - 6’4 268lbs


This is a kid that’s going to be a project.  But again a kid who can play multiple positions along the defensive line. He’s got great measurables. Probably some more room to fill his frame out.  If he can bulk up a bit and use his length more he could end up being a nice chess piece along the DL. 

Round 5 Pick 155 - Amen Ogbongbemiga - ILB - 6’1 235LBs


Losing Kirksey in FA makes ILB a small need and I think the 5th round is a suitable round to take a flier on one. 

2 Down run stopping ILB, ideal fit for a 3-4 system. Can cover a good amount of area, decent instincts. Ability in coverage is an unknown. 

Round 5 Pick 173 - Frank Darby - WR - Arizona State - 6’0 193lbs.



Cant go wrong taking a WR out of Arizona St, he was over shadowed his entire career by N’Keal Harry and Brandon Aiyuk and then dealt with some injuries. That’s probably going to lead to him falling in the draft but I believe he would be a steal at the end of the 5th round. He would be nice in the slot, good hands, catches balls well in traffic. He’s not a burner but has good agility and better than average speed. A bit of a poor mans Brandon Aiyuk. 

Round 5 Pick 177 - Jermar Jefferson - RB - Oregon St - 5’10 216lbs


With the Packers resigning Aaron Jones but letting Williams walk, RB becomes a need. 

Jermar is Aaron Jones 2.0. One of the most productive RBs during his time at Oregon St. Really the lone bright spot on the Beavs squad and single handedly beat my Ducks last season going for over 200 yard and multiple TDs including an 80 yarder. Great in space, great fit in a zone scheme, plus pass catcher. Not the biggest dude but a tough runner with vision and instincts. You can see him “feel” his way through the hole. Reminds me a lot of AJ. I’m not sure there is a better fit at RB in this years draft. 

Round 6 Pick 188 - Tyler Vaughns - WR - USC - 6’2 190lbs





Another super star coming out of HS. I double dipped at WR because ESB hasn’t panned out so far, MVS is catching on but he is one dimensional so far. I’ll look for MVS to take that next step in 2021 but we’ll see. Outside DA we don’t have any studs at WR so it’s time to start refilling the coffers. 

Tyler aligns at both inside and outside WR for the Trojan offense. He is a sufficient athlete with baseline agility and body control. In the run game, he flashes sufficient blocking skills. He's not an overly strong player as a run blocker but has shown instances of being willing. In the passing game he's sufficient. He has good hands and has the ability to find the holes in zones. He has strong hands and does well extending to pluck the ball out of the air. Vaughns is better at in-breaking routes where he can use his body and frame to shield defenders. He is good in contested catch situations, due to his length and jumping ability. He has some red zone prowess in slant fade situations and does well in 50/50 jump balls. 

Round 6 Pick 218 - Tommy Doyle - OT - Miami OH - 6’8 326lbs


Last pick of my mock. I figured with Bahk probably missing extended time this season, double dipping at OT is a good option. Doyle caught my eye because of his mammoth size. 

“Positives: Tall and fluid offensive tackle who was a starter the past three seasons. Stays square, effectively uses his hands, and blocks down well or engulfs opponents altogether. Patient in pass protection, keeps the defender in front of him, and blocks with proper pad level as well as leverage.

Quickly gets into blocks, shows ability at the second level, and plays through the whistle. Quick enough and strong enough to turn defenders from the action as a run blocker and keeps his feet moving.

Negatives: Tends to get tall as the play proceeds. Lacks quick, fluid footwork off the edge. Must add bulk to his frame and power to his game and learn to finish blocks.”



After all the trades we ended up with 11 total picks and filled all of our needs. Double dipped at CB, OT and WR and triple dipped at DT. Grabbed a scheme fit at RB and OC.  Got a replacement for Kirksey.

I had fun drafting and making this post for y’all. Let me know what you think. Overall if Gute can trade back a few times, fills our needs I will be happy. Jevon Holland would be cool too. 

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First off, I like it.

But after reading it, still weak at boundary corner and really didn't invest much in the WR position for the future.

The problem I see is this...when you take a kid that you really like who doesn't fit a need, it creates holes.  Holland.  You like him.  Used a pretty nice pick on him.  Can't help but wonder if that pick should have been a better pure corner or WR.  

Take that hybrid style of guy a little later.

Loved the Jefferson pick.  I think we are fine at RB without taking one, but having three is not a bad thing.

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I like drafting big guys.  I like this draft.  I also like the surrounding party of talent.  I like drafting big guys.  (although trade thru me)

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Love the first half, but have some questions about the second half. If we could get Holland at 69 I'd be pretty happy given his versatility. I doubt Adebo and Jefferson will be there where you have them selected but LOVE the picks; I'd swap the Jefferson and Jackson picks straight up if I were you. Day 3 has some head scratchers for me. I love the Golden Domer 5-tech hybrid guy because he can get mentored by Z and eventually serve that role well and to reiterate, I love the Jefferson pick though not where you have him as mentioned earlier. However, you draft two WR's who probably won't be able to separate and one of them(Vaughns) is undraftable; I could see Darby becoming undraftable as well given his lack of deep speed and limited skill-set as a slot-only WR. You also reach on an ILB from a Big XII school that's a run plugger at only 6-1 235; that's pretty small for an NFL ILB. He has little to no coverage skills so you could get him in UDFA; I'd think Garrett Wallow or Charles Snowden would be better options there TBH. I kinda like the Doyle pick, but find it strange that at 326 he has to add bulk; red flag. Given his versatility and proven track record however, I'd actually select him earlier given that he not only has that versatility and proven track record, but because we have the OL coaching staff to get him to his ceiling whatever that may be.

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Just a typo I expect, but as I read your description of what happens in Round Two, you have the Bengals giving the Packers' pick #62 and #111 for the Pack's pick as #69. As the Packers' pick is actually #62, and the trade would beget Green Bay picks at #69 and #111, the trade now would be accurate and more logical.

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