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Jaguars sign DL Tyson Alualu UPDATE: He has not

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Ngl, this negates the hit on Dalvin a bit. Was one of the better run stoppers last year in the league, which is why I wanted Dalvin. We're only giving Tyson $3M to do that.

Plus, great guy for the locker room/DL group. 

Love it.

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Remember when he used to get put on skates in the run game? Had surgery and then turned himself into one of the most consistently good run defenders for the last 8 years. 

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They are at least building a solid foundation the players that’ll join them will make for good comp in camp.. and they are getting good locker room guys minus Hyde 😂. Hyde was brought back because he knows the offense from Seattle and he knows Urbs. 

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On 3/16/2021 at 11:59 AM, .Buzz said:


Yeah, that's basically nothing, for a guy who has turned into a pretty darn solid player.  I was a bit worried this was going to be a bit of a, "cashing in one last contract to retire back in Florida" sort of thing, where he was going to be a lot less effective than he's been in Pittsburgh lately.  But at this sort of price...ehhh, pretty low risk for us even if that does for some reason happen.

But i'm pretty happy with it.  Always liked Alualu when he was here, just...wanted him to be a lot better than he was.  🥺  Which...he seems to be a lot better now.  Especially in the run game where we need help the most.  So that should be fun.

Just adding veteran leadership and experience to the defense that badly needed it after the gut job over the last couple years.

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