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What are the greatest free agent signings in history?


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50 minutes ago, incognito_man said:

Any answer other than Brees is wrong. Let's not be silly.

Yeah, you can't argue against Drew Brees' impact off-the-field as well as on it. Him and Reggie White might be comparable with on-field impact (and even that's a stretch tbh because Brees is a HOF QB which holds more weight than a DE), but Brees coming to NO practically saved that damn city.

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7 hours ago, iknowcool said:

Brees was a 15-year, HOF starter for the Saints.  I guess I can maybe see the argument if Brady wins another Super Bowl but Brees longevity alone with the Saints would put him over Brady (as a FA signing) without question for me.  Unless Brady ends up playing 4-5 more years.

2 superbowls>1 though. 

Brady is already a top 5 free agent signing ever, another Super Bowl puts him in the number one discussion. 

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If Brady wins another one, he is the best FA signing ever. Right now, he is probably closer to 3 as I would put Brees and Reggie White before him. 

Actually, even if he doesnt win another SB and just makes it to a championship game next year, he probably is the best FA signing ever. 

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