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Titans release CB Adoree Jackson & RT Dennis Kelly

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3 minutes ago, deeluxx3 said:

I am not surprised at cutting Adoree. Don't necessarily agree, but not surprised.Ā 

maybe if we hadĀ kept butler, but right now kristian fulton is our top CB and we have nothing behind him. i have to assume we're signing someone but it's still completely unhinged to just willfully torpedo our depth like that.

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We've got to be making room for another big signing. I've pretty much agreed or been okay with every move so far but Adoree and Kelly don't really make sense. Maybe we plan to bring Adoree back on a way cheaper 1 year prove it deal. Or maybe there is medical issues we don't know about.Ā 

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1 minute ago, ttitansfan4life said:

Much like getting rid of Casey last year to free up money for Clowney, this better be the same idea.

lol i mean. that worked out great for us, so what could possibly go wrong now?

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I always felt that there were going to be a shocking cut or two that nobody expected after Humph, Butler and Vaccaro (those were obvious).Ā 

I felt also there was no way you could have Butler and Adoree could be your corners at the price. Adoree just wasn't it to me. I know not many agreed with me.

That said, it still is shocking to see them release him. I thought they were going to trade him.

I'd have to guess that they saw the market at corner and felt they could get better for cheaper.Ā 

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