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Titans release CB Adoree Jackson & RT Dennis Kelly

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Was these guys Murlakey guys?

I know Robinson was the GM but he obviously picks according to the coaches. 

But to get rid of what now 3 first rounders after the contract runs out? (Conklin, Davis and Jackson)  Very questionable. 

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Just now, ttitansfan4life said:

They couldn’t at least trade Adoree? Really?

Pretty sure they tried, but coming off knee injury, looked terrible and expiring contract at $10 million in a cash strapped year for most probably didn't appeal to many.

I thought they would rework his contract and extend him. Making this year lower and pay him next year if he did well. 

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Just now, 615finest said:

We better be making a big signing . Seems like we’re in a total rebuild with these releases 

Big signing, I wouldn't expect it. I'd imagine a nice mid level guy that a few know about but ultimately people feel Adoree would have been better. 

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9 minutes ago, titans0021 said:

Imagine Jon Robinson’s resume if he hadn’t lucked into Ryan Tannehill.

edit lol nvm i goofed this one

Edited by -Hope-
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