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Jaguars sign Marvin Jones

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I like the details of these contracts very cost efficient and contracts that don’t break the bank but they are putting in the foundation for the team.. I like the way it’s shaking out. 

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6 hours ago, .Buzz said:


The Jaguar's staff saw Lawrence throw to those post routes during his pro day and immediately moved Marvin Jones to their number 1 free agency target. I have been a fan since his Cincy days and here is to hoping that he catches many touchdowns in a winning environment. 

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Kind of a big "meh" for me as a real "weapon".  He's not the "top target" sort of guy we really needed most...but that's not really out there on the FA market.  At least he's a solid, reliable vet.  You know what you're getting, and it's a useful player with familiarity in the system.  That's a positive with a rookie QB coming in.  You only really have one guy "figuring it out" at a time.


He's not going to make Trevor's life "easy" or anything.  But i suppose there's value in knowing that he's not going to make things "harder" for a rookie quarterback.

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