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Jaguars are receiving inquiries on Gardner Minshew

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On 3/19/2021 at 5:25 PM, Uncle Buck said:

I'd love to keep him around if he doesn't mind getting paid to hold a clipboard.  I could see Gardner having a career as an elite backup for many years, on the order of Fitzmagic.

I could absolutely see Minshew ending up with a career like that.  Riding the rails around the country, hopping from team to team on the next train that comes through.  Starting a few games here and there for some bad teams along the way and enlivening their fanbase briefly with his signature Minshew Mania (comparable to Fitzmagic i believe?).

I just don't really feel like that's the sort of piece we actually have all that much use for right now, with Lawrence coming in.  We really just need a guy with a lot of experience and savvy in the film room and on the sidelines as a good "mentor" and all that.

Where Minshew's real potential "value" to this team comes in, is really more in getting an extra draft pick to work with.  This team is about to be full on "in" with Trevor Lawrence.  If he's not playing, it probably doesn't matter who is.  This team very obviously isn't good enough as a whole to be on the verge of really contending for anything serious with Minshew...even for just a decent stretch of games.


Whereas that's where his potential value to other teams resides.  For a number of other teams that aren't in a position to hopefully "fix" their QB situation with a 1st overall pick and a bluechip prospect like Lawrence...there are plenty of them that are built more to win games now, but are struggling with unreliable or inadequate QB play.  And there are also a lot of teams out there right now with a serious cap crunch in general right now...for whom a dirt cheap, but experienced and capable backup who can spot start when called upon, could be really attractive.  The sort of guy to either "stopgap" for a season on a bad team without a better option/no immediate help in the draft...or the type of guy to keep a contender alive for a stretch, if something were to happen to their starter for a while.

Basically...the same sort of market and types of teams interested as someone like Fitzpatrick...but at a tiny fraction of the likely cap cost.

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