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Raiders trade G Gabe Jackson to Seahawks

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I’ll just paste this over from our Offseason thread:

Interesting move here. On the upside, Jackson has been rated as a top 20 pass pro Guard every single year he’s been in the league. He’s played the last 4 seasons at RG, but prior to that he played 2 seasons at LG where he graded as the 8th best pass pro Guard in each of those seasons. I’m thinking we shift him back to the left to keep Lewis at RG. 

On the downside, he’s a fairly mediocre run blocker despite being 330+ pounds. He also carries a non-guaranteed $18m over the next 2 years. Big number to be giving up a 5th for. I imagine we rework his deal to give him more guaranteed money while lowering the cap hit. 

Overall, we have what might be the best OLine in the Pete Carroll era with this addition. It will be very interesting to see who we acquire at this point to play the pivot. David Andrews still out there.

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Even if Jackson is declining, still a big upgrade on Iupati-Simmons. 

His contract is really flexible too. Not sure if Seattle will restructure him, probably see that 0 dead money hit in 2022 as a boon.

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