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The possibility of keeping Darnold and trading down thread

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1 hour ago, xenajets said:

Unless we get an offer which is just ridiculous then I can’t see any other situation than us going Qb. That pick most likely will be Zach Wilson. 

Would be fun to imagine that haul we’d get from Denver or Carolina though. 

If there is or was a offer we will never know, Douglas never gives a hint. It would be fun to know.

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     Both WR2 Keelan Cole (Average Depth of Target:  43rd, PFF:60th, PPG:48th) and WR1 Corey Davis (ADoT:31st PFF:21, PPG:25) are welcome free agents but they don't provide us with a clue what GM Joe is going to do at QB.  Personally, I wouldn't overthink this.  Wilson is the best gunslinger and this team won't be ready for a technician any time soon.


"Let the field decide."

     If the Jets do decide to take a Top 4 QB but don't have a strong opinion--or don't trust their judgement--on which of Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, or Mac Jones will work out best they should trade down to fourth, let the other teams fight it out and take the one left over.

     If the team foregoes a QB it's a simple matter of Lottery Limbo:  write a list of players that you'd be happy to grab with your first pick and have Trader Joe make a deal with the worst franchise among the owners.  Happy with Jalen Waddle or Patrick Surtain?  Hit Detroit up for some draft picks.  Devonta Smith or Rashawn Slater?  Talk to Philadelphia.

     Try to make the team more QB-friendly and look at some of those dark horses.  The Jets are due for some luck at QB.

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On 3/31/2021 at 2:21 PM, xrade said:

That is really a bogus statement. Check out some of these throws into tight windows. I don’t care if the competition are a bunch of tall 7 year olds, the receiver was covered and Zach put it in the only spot that his receiver and no one else could get it. When you get done watching, tell me how the competition had anything to do with those throws.  Also tell me how any QB could do that.  His shovel pass (2nd video) is not something that is taught, it is something a QB with confidence and quick wits does.


Whatever dude. Jeff George did things on a football field no one could duplicate. Who cares?

That is not what makes a great, er, great. It is what they do under the spotlight, in BIG moments, at the highest level of competition, under duress, with the pressure of an entire organization and fan base...

...if Zach Wilson is the next Steve Young, then I will be the first guy to be smiling from ear to ear, and say: "finally, we got one."

Under our current climate, I am highly skeptical that he is going to turn things around for us.

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