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Current Atlanta Falcons Roster and updated team needs

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13 hours ago, scar988 said:

Adding the signings of Cordarrelle Patterson and Duron Harmon when I go on lunch, but @FalconFan13, we finally have a quality safety on the roster.

I know man im so happy right now lol.  Duron is a mighty fine pickup for us we did well.  I was really scared for a bit there we was gonna have to double dip in the 1st 4 rounds on 2 safety's.   We still gotta get us 1 more good one to pair with him and i think we will be fine back there.  I will say though i think our depth and quality of players at safety is better this year already as long as we grab a good one in the 1st 4 rounds.     Losing neal is a big loss to me but  Harmon is likely a pretty good upgrade to Rico and i think Erik is a upgrade to Kazee and might actually be a small upgrade to Rico as well.   If we can get a good safety that can atleast come close to what Neal gave us in the 1st few rounds safety goes to a strength for us at this point.

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I honestly think if we can get even 1 small trade down this year for a extra 2nd round pick we are looking golden as far as positions we actually might have some need at.

1st -  Surtain - CB
2A - Phillips - Edge
2B - Williams - RB
3rd - Nasirildeen - SS - If you like another Safety here thats fine was just trying to think of a legit SS to pair with Harmon thats 3rd round quality.
4th - Best OG/C available to compete with Gono and Hennesey depending on position we go with.

Everything else on top of that is legit stacking on top of already talented positions making us deeper and stronger.  While also giving us more picks from the trade down for next year if we can grab one along with the 2nd like a 9, 2nd, 1st next year for 4 from broncos. 

Note i also want to resign Denard and Blidi if we can get them both on cheap contracts again like last year and both have said they love it here and want to come back.  Plus they were both great for us when called upon and healthy.

Secondary of 

CB1 - A.J. Terrell
CB2 - Patrick Surtain
NB - Denard
Dime - Oliver/Sheffield
5th CB - Blidi   - Vet dependable starter you can trust when someone gets injured or young ones are struggling.  Blidi has killed it every year we asked him to handle business from injuries. 

FS - Harmon
SS - Nasirildeen / Ford/ Cisco - whoever you like theirs some good ones in round 2 to 4 i think. 
Backup Safetys-  Jaylin Hawkins, Erik Smith, and T.J Green(if he makes team)

Would prefer to keep a extra CB who can slide to Safety than T.J. Green if it came down to it.

Still though thats a hell of alot better secondary than we had last year coming into the season and one i would feel really comfortable about being able to play well and help our front 7 out allowing them to get pressure. 

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