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Jets sign WR Keelan Cole

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Just now, xrade said:

A fair question. But if you looked at his targets with a poor QB and a poor OC/HC his stats can be misleading. How many times was he targeted in the second half of games?  How many times was he open and was not even looked at?  How many acrobatic catches did he make?  I am not suggesting he will have a thousand yard season, but with better play calling a better QB, hopefully, he should have a decent season. 

I agree but that dude above was penciling him in for 1000 yards 

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57 minutes ago, xrade said:

Isn’t the idea of a #1 or #2 WR kind of outdated. I mean most teams don’t have a true #1 and I am if the belief it is not necessary. Two good outside receivers and a decent slot may be better. My reason is that the QB or coaching staff may feel compelled to feed the #1. I would rather a more balanced approach. Pass to the open receiver.  Of course that requires a good OL and a QB that can process quickly. 

In all seriousness, Jets have no number one WR because qb and wr situations aren't clear cut.  Once OC recognizes the good relationship or rapport between qb and wr it will become primary in the system and then OC adjusts plays starting with this.   #1 means most target.  #2 means 2nd most.   #3 WR remains lowest target of season.   

No clue if Mike LaFleur will do the same way Kyle Shanahan has done but Shanahan actually drew up offense with specific roles before FA kicked off.   So far, Jets coaches and GM have been too quiet about scheme/roles. However, look at JD's approach Center.  He kept passing on better Center instead of getting one and moving McGovern to G.   That showed JD already set for exact roles to be filled.

Just because JuJu played exclusively slot for Steelers doesn't mean he will be stuck at slot for other 31 teams.  He could want to play outside for Jets but Jets already have Mims and Davis aboard.  Thus, Cole is a natural slot receiver that can play outside if necessary.   

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1 hour ago, Greene N White said:

I agree but that dude above was penciling him in for 1000 yards 

It's not all that hard to get 1k anymore.  Hell Davis almost did it last year as a WR2 in a run heavy offense.

No reason we can't have a 1k WR next year.  


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As for Cole I love the signing.  Really solid WR4.  His separation is really good and he's a solid blocker.  Two things that I bet JD and Lafleur valued highly.  We finally have the makings of a nice WR core.

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11 hours ago, JetsandI said:

those numbers may be pipe dream with Darnold at the helm.... I just use numbers as definitive roles LaFleur utilize in the system.  From high to low target.

Jets drafted Mims.  Jets and Davis quickly agreed to contract terms.   Because of them, they presumably are locked top 2 WRs.   When JD was in the search for 3rd WR, he set the price for that role.    If Jets didn't sign Davis, JD should be able to pay JuJu or Fuller Davis' figure (same or less).   Despite talented grade, JD doesn't overpay for an exact role.


Whether or not we like it that is the way JD has operated.  Deal with it. 





Well we can’t agree and that’s fine that’s what having a forum is about. Personally I would think talent wins out and you get the best possible players on the field and put them in a position to succeed. 

I’m not a fan of the penny pinching approach so I suppose I’m always not going to have my way in FA with JD in charge. You have defended him all the way though so clearly this vision splits opinions. I have no choice other than to deal with it. But I also have no choice but deal with the fact we’ve not reached the playoffs since 2010. So it does become kind of gut wrenching when we pass on better talents for cheaper money and then the results are poor. 

I have said multiple times that we’ve won 2 game in the nearly 2yrs JD has been in charge. Hopefully that number increases this year with better coaching and another draft class. 

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Not a fan of Coles but it is only a 1 year deal so no big deal. I think he is last on the depth chart. He will be WR 5 at best.

Davis #1

Mims #2

Crowder #3

TE (Pitts I think or Ertz) #4

RB/Cole #5

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