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FFMD 21 Discussion Thread

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14 hours ago, Ozzy said:

My bad if that is the case but I do not know the rules and I am not making any picks.  But fact is anyone can go look at the 7 round mocks many of done already and just pick names out of there....so what are we talking about here?  


There are three complete 7 round mock drafts on this site right now and possibly more...  Waiting for something that should not be that big of a surprise in terms of guys who are selected or could be.  



if someone picks a pick cause they are following the discussion thats just funny. 

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27 minutes ago, JetsandI said:

I just looked at draft order and there is a clock limit on the forfeited pick. tenor.gif

Yeah, adjusting times is a major pain in the an...us so,....i just didn't lol 

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I mean naming players is poor form but really with the doc, it isn't that big of a deal. There are players further down the doc that others are hoping to let slip by but the doc really makes the old "tipping picks" view a little bit outdated. Still, avoid it if you can

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Just now, MaximusGluteus said:

Just curious, how does it work in the context of a mock draft?

Everyone gets one bid, every hour or couple of hours and it is first come first serve. There are other ways that are more complicated but I wouldn't feel like doing those. 

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