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Giants sign WR Kenny Golladay (4 years, $72M)

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No excuses now Danny Dimes. This offense has talent now. OL still a bit suspect, but the weapons are there. 

Thats a lot of money, but man it feels good to have #1 receiver. 


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72 with a chance at 76 with 40 guaranteed

As always you need to see the fine print but this is huge money in a year where no one is giving WRs huge money

This seems like a case of outbidding yourself (or giving him an extra 12 million to hold his nose and play on your team)


If he puts up 4 straight versions of 2019 then he is worth the money.

When he does not do that he won't be worth that money.


As an Eagles fan, I love this overpay even if it makes the Giants better.

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4 minutes ago, SBLIII said:


Cause WR has always been a disaster in Chicago and I was really hoping our corps this year would be ARob-Golladay-Mooney-other. He met with Chicago but we probably offered him vet min 

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