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5 hours ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

If 10-11-12 & 19 goes like this on draft night, I will not be thrilled. 


Good lord. Would be tough to create a worse scenario.

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Lol, basically “people showed up to his birthday party” & “Mac Jones =/= Bo Callahan”

Sometimes you forget that NFL teams are no different than any other large company where 80% of the decision makers are legit incompetent. Good reminder.

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NFL Draft Prospects 2021 | How the board shakes out

My 2021 NFL Draft board presently breaks down as follows:

  • 30 players with solid first-round grades
  • 38 players with late first/early second-round grades
  • 115 players graded as day one or day two selections
  • 258 players with draftable grades


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Perhaps the hope of Barmore at #44 is just a pipe dream.

I do firmly believe that if teams could only watch the last 5 games of a player’s career, he’d be a top-15 pick, easily. I can absolutely imagine a team taking him in the same range as Javon Kinlaw last year.

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