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FFMD 2021 Detroit Lions War Room

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Hi everyone. I've been selected as the GM for this year. Input is welcome from everyone, and if anyone with experience doing this wants to volunteer for certain tasks, please speak up.

I want this to be a fun activity which everyone can participate in, and everyone's input will be considered. However, as GM I do reserve the right to be the final voice in major decisions such as trades and draft picks.

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My 2 cents as someone that does a lot of GM mocks on here, learn about the trade market moving both up and down. You never know when you will find a bargain. I moved up from 7 to 3 for basically pick 72 in a different mock to select Zach Wilson, simply because people want to trade down and accumulate picks. You can score some top talent for below market if you look to go quality over quantity. 

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Is this just the draft again this year?  Hopefully so.  I do remember last year we had a prospect cheat sheet with codes so we could discuss players here.  That would be helpful for others giving input.   When does the draft start? 

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Depth Chart: According to Ourlads.com/projections with new additions


QB: Goff, Blough

RB: Swift, J. Williams, K. Johnson

FB: J. Cabinda, N. Bawden

WR: T. Williams, B. Perriman, Cephus, K. Raymond, D. Ratley, V. Bolden, T. Kennedy

TE: Hockenson, J. Hill, H. Bryant, A. Mack

LT: Decker, D. Skipper, M. Nelson

LG: J. Jackson

OC: Ragnow, E. Brown

RG: Vaitai, Stenberg

RT: T. Crosby


Tier 1: WR1, RT > We have had a major overhaul at the WR position. Mostly depth/ST guys. Probably need to add two guys; RT would help solidify the OL and provide Goff (or our QBOTF) with the right protection

Tier 2: QB, WR2, LT > We need to find our QBOTF. Whether it's in 2021, 2022 or 2023. It will happen. WR2 is important. Depends on how the 2022 class looks and whether we want to have a turn-key offense for a 2022 rookie QB; a future LT should be in the mix. Either as an upgrade over Decker or someone to replace him in a couple years. 

Tier 3: RB, OG > I'm of the belief we should be adding a RB every year or every other year. Kerryon isn't a lock to make the roster. We have had so many issues with RB's over the years, lets not ruin this one (Swift) by overworking him and not giving our QB a running game to work with; Getting a solid OG will help solidify the OL. This would allow us to move off of Vaitai as soon as possible. 

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Tyrell Williams (66.5 PFF)

Age (Draft Class): 29 (2015)

Ht: 6'4

Wt: 205

40: 4.43

STATS (2019 - Raiders > No games in 2020 - Shoulder)

G - 14/16 (12 Starts)

REC/TGT (CTH %)- 42/64 (65.6%)

YDS - 651

Y/R - 15.5

TD - 6

Y/TGT - 10.2


Wide - 552

Slot - 169

Breshad Perriman (63.1 PFF)

Age (Draft Class): 27 (2015)

Ht: 6'2

Wt: 215

40: 4.22 (Pro Day)

STATS (2020 - Jets)

G - 12/16 (12 Starts)

REC/TGT (CTH %)- 30/60 (50%)

YDS - 505

Y/R - 16.8

TD - 3

Y/TGT - 8.4


Wide - 502

Slot - 132

Quintez Cephus (64.8 PFF)

Age (Draft Class): 23 (2020)

Ht: 6'1

Wt: 202

40: 4.56 (Pro Day)

STATS (2020 - Lions)

G - 13/16 (3 Starts)

REC/TGT (CTH %)- 20/35 (57.1%)

YDS - 349

Y/R - 17.5

TD - 2

Y/TGT - 10.0


Wide - 310

Slot - 52

Kalif Raymond (53.5 PFF)

Age (Draft Class): 27 (2016)

Ht: 5'8

Wt: 182

40: 4.34 (Pro Day)

STATS (2020 - Titans)

G - 15/16 (3 Starts)

REC/TGT (CTH %)- 9/15 (60.0%)

YDS - 187

Y/R - 20.8

TD - 0

Y/TGT - 12.5


Wide - 163

Slot - 73


PR - 23 Returns - 208 yards (9.04 ypr); 0 TD

KR - 15 Returns - 275 yards (18.33 ypr); 0 TD

Damion Ratley (53.5 PFF)

Age (Draft Class): 26 (2018)

Ht: 6'2

Wt: 200

40: 4.40 (Pro Day)

STATS (2020 - Texans)

G - 5/16 (0 Starts)

REC/TGT (CTH %)- 4/10 (40.0%)

YDS - 63

Y/R - 15.8

TD - 0

Y/TGT - 6.3


Wide - 106

Slot - 19


PR - 23 Returns - 208 yards (9.04 ypr); 0 TD

KR - 15 Returns - 275 yards (18.33 ypr); 0 TD

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Just for comparative purposes, the Lions 2020 receiving corp

- Marvin Jones > 115 Targets

- Danny Amendola > 69 Targets

- D'Andre Swift > 57 Targets



- Kenny Golloday > 116 Targets

- Danny Amendola > 97 Targets

- Marvin Jones > 91 Targets


LA RAMS 2020

- Robert Woods > 129 Targets

- Cooper Kupp > 124 Targets

- Josh Reynolds > 81 Targets


- Keenan Allen > 147 Targets

- Mike Williams > 85 Targets

- Jalen Guyton > 55 Targets


This essentially tells me that we have built up our WR corp with WR3/WR4 caliber players. Over the next two years, we're probably going to need to add 3 WR's. Perriman is young enough where he could stick around for a year or two as a depth piece. Cephus could develop but I would peg him as a WR3 for now. The 2022 FA class could include: Chris Godwin, Juju Smith-Schuster, Mike Williams, DJ Moore, Calvin Ridley. 

We have a number of guys who have played the principal number of their snaps outside. We seem to really be lacking a solid Slot WR option. 

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Dolphins checking in again.

Just wondered if you have any interest in Preston Williams, Jakeem Grant or Allen Hurns to help at wide receiver position? Looking for 4th, 5th and 6th respectively on each of them.

We are now positioned at 6 in the draft but if a qb was on the board and you wanted to stay ahead of Broncos or Panthers give me a holla.

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