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On 4/15/2021 at 10:21 AM, samsel23 said:

I think it’s fine year 1.    2022 would be interesting to say the least.  

Personally I think Cleveland smashed us on the big trade.   

Yeah I had to give up some value to move Tyreek cause no one wanted to bring Tyreek back to their war room due to his past. Another deal I was discussing was like tyreek for bobby wagner and a 2nd, or for von miller and a 2nd. Teams still weren't interested. I initially knew I wanted to trade Tyreek but got more locked into it once we got DeVonta Smith.

Ultimately that trade will ride on the two 4th rders I got outta their early 4th. Hainsey and Sermon.

Personally think Sermon will be a beast in the NFL his college production is elite and his pro day was elite. He could easily be a better NFL rb than Clyde or at the worst add another dimension to our offense. He's a power back that averaged like 7ypc no matter the situation in college but had elite agility scores at his pro day.

Hainsey was a quality RT for Notre Dame projects as a starting guard after a year on the bench. His measurable are elite for a guard and he was getting awards from coaches as one of the top players at the senior bowl as a guard. Also stting behind Thuney, Long and LDT should help him learn the guard position that much more.

Also cleveland war room hated the trade they didn't want to give us Landry. I guess he's their team leader and they also know us getting Landry who is well liked and moving off our most hated player while getting OBJ as a throw in mitigates a ton of risk for us.

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