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Falcons sign Mike Davis


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I'd say this is a pretty good signing.

He might not be a bellcow back so the signing might not exclude the drafting of a RB but I'd be okay heading into the season with Davis, Smith and Ollisson + mid/late round rookie RB in a runningback by committee approach.

Basically this should allow the Falcons some freedom in the draft when it comes to RB. If Harris is there with their 2nd round pick they have options. Maybe even gamble a bit and trade back if the offer is right.

Also the value seems to be pretty decent.

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38 minutes ago, soflbillsfan said:

Does that put Mike Davis as the #1 Rb on the roster? Would Najee Harris be an option with their 2nd rd pick if available?

Depends. If they go qb at 4, then it’s clear they have no plans of competing next year and Harris should be an option if available. If they go pass rush or dB, then there’s too many other spots that need to be shored up.

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2 hours ago, SaveOurSonics said:

Good signing. One of the few guys on the market who can both carry the mail or -- more preferably -- be a do-it-all insurance policy to your starter. I would expect Atlanta to find a starting option in the 2nd or 3rd round. 

Agreed on all accounts i think i still want to get a Javontae Williams in round 2 or 3 if we can that dudes gonna be a beast.

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8 hours ago, BucsDraftGeek47 said:

you better reach homie!
i want Javontae in Tampa!

Yall taking him round 1 are ya? I guess that means i just gotta take Najee then early round 2 :P   Also i have Williams as a late 1st rounder talent wise so if we take him at our early round 2 pick i don't consider that reaching for me i consider that getting a beast where we need him.   So if you want him you better use that 1st rounder on him :D

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