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Mock Draft...from a competitor point of view

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Yah, I'm a Packer fan, but I thought I'd run a PFF mock draft simulator for the Bears.

My #1 goal.  Offensive line.  Secondary goal, find a young QB.  I feel like this is not the year the Bears get their QB of the future, unless they trade a lot of picks to get him.  But if Mac Jones falls, I'll be all over it.  Here is what happened.  (No trades)

20.  Rashawn Slater.  Tackle, Northwestern.  I think he's a tweener.  He can play every spot on the OL.  Pencil him in at LT.  Understand he can play everywhere and be elite.  (Side note, Mac was there one pick earlier.  If that is the case, I would have traded a pick to move up for him.)

52.  Aaron Robinson.  CB.  UCF.  Tall, fast, but fluid.  He's an attacking corner, I think he fits your scheme.  Lost Fuller, here is a replacement.  Gotta keep up with the Vikings and Packers passing game.

83.  Davis Mills.  QB.  Stanford.  Lots of tools to like.  He's gonna sit for a year.  Need a young guy to groom, why not him?  Value meets position here.  

204.  Whop Philyor.  WR.  Indiana.  Electric.  Playmaker at WR/RB or gadget guy.  Dump off passes go a long way with him.

208.  Pooka Williams Jr.  HB. Kansas.  Nice compliment to Montgomery.  Lots of wiggle in him.

221.  Ernest Jones.  LB.  South Carolina.  Smith isn't consistent.  Danny is getting old.  Kid can run pretty good.  

228.  Cole Van Lanen. T.  Wisconsin.  Wanted to improve the o-line.  I'll take when I see value.  There is value here, especially at RT.

Observations.  Was able to fly through this mock without much thought required.  Took value where I saw it.  Wished I had swung a trade for Mac.  Really like the o-line haul.  Reinforced the secondary and found a developmental QB to go with a few offensive difference makers.





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12 minutes ago, blkwdw13 said:

I like it, my personal choices for the 1st round pick are Slater or Darrisaw. 

I'd add Cosmi to that list as well.

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Unless a QB is there, Slater is too good to pass up.  Darrisow as well.  Slater is just more versatile.  This draft gives you a lot of flexibility on the line and should build well for your future when you find a QB.  Not saying that third round kid couldn't be it.  I do like him and there is a lot of value in that pick.

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I'm probably going to like this draft more than Pace's honestly. 


I desperately want a QB but with Nagy I feel like it's a wasted pick. It's almost like having Tru with Loggains and Fox again. 

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