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Jaguars sign QB CJ Beathard

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4 hours ago, pwny said:

@N4L do either of you have any information you can impart about how he is strictly as a backup? Obviously the on field stuff has had some ups with a lot of downs. But if he doesn’t see the field, what type of value does he have with all the other stuff?

He had some issues with holding the ball too long early on in his career. Took a lot of hits because of it. Very tough guy. 

The guy would find ways to lose games. He always seemed to turn the ball over in the 4th quarter after being a reason we were in the game until that point. I cant stress enough how many times this would happen, it was actually unreal. extremely anti-clutch it seems. 

He is a good competitor. Has a good arm. He definitely improved from when he was a rookie to last year, but that isnt to say he is a good QB. 

As far as your question goes - I don't know if he has any value as a mentor type, veteran backup QB who can help the starter pick up things on gamedays. Nick Mullens clearly had a better grasp on the offense than CJ did. CJ being CJ is partly why Shanahan stayed with noodle arm nick mullens for as long as he did, even though it was obvious that nick was not cutting it and that a change needed to be made. So I don't think he has value from that standpoint. 

I thought he was going to be destined for the 49ers PS next year. He is a solid QB3 with moderate upside (top 20ish starter)

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