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Jets sign DL Vinny Curry

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14 hours ago, Bobby816 said:

Thought the same thing when we brought Gore in. That surely Perine would still get more touches. And sure enough Gore was getting 20 touches a game. 

Adam Gase. That is all.

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57 minutes ago, Big T said:

Huff is an undersized URFA and will be competing with OLB's mostly. His game is speed off the edge, Zunega on the other hand has had injury issues dating back over the past 3 years, and while the potential is there the productivity because of injury has limited him. 

That is why he was drafted in the 3rd round, potential, but potential doesn't pay the bills. The Jets have other guy's who had potential upsides and could not beat out FA OL. Blake Cashman is another guy with a great upside, is productive, but gets hurt going back to his college days and is undersized.

Chuma Edoga has been okay, but darn for where he was drafted he has to be considered a bad choice, on the other hand Fatukasi a steal considering where he was drafted in the 6th round was a real find.

I think Huff has more of an upside to Zunega because he has stayed relatively healthy and is much faster than him off the edge. Salah plays a fast D, and Zunega could possibly been traded during the year or let go next year.

Shepherd is another guy to watch as his play has been inconsistent and could be on his last legs, and Phillips is coming off an injury but has shown flashes of being a good player.

Shepherd was drafted in the third round, again a guy who flashed potential but was close to being released before 2020. He played well enough to stick, but he's a guy who has to show out especially if the Jets draft an ER high in the draft at 23.

Completely different sport but I’d say the same rules apply. Everyone at this level is talented. All it comes down to is taking your chance. The very best take their chance. Unfortunately not everyone does, that’s why you see talented players not make it. 

Huff, Zuniga, Hall, Davis, JFM, Foley, Austin Cashman all young guys on defense who are talented. Saleh will give them the opportunity weather it be in games or practice. Some will step up some won’t.

In the positions where we don’t have players take those opportunities having solid vets in place to bring the overall talent and competitiveness for the team is needed.  

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