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Jets sign RB Tevin Coleman


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4 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

Just a cheap way to say we did something at RB. That actually doesn’t help at all.

Phillip Lindsay seemed the perfect fit. Really surprised we weren’t in on him. I did like Coleman in Atlanta though but unsure how he did in SF. John Connor would of been a nice addition at this point too. 

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I like it. We needed to bring in some guys familiar with the system so they can help the coaches get the rest of the team up to speed. Whether it's a rookie QB or Sam it will be helpful to have another guy in the backfield that can help with presnaps reads and adjustments.

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13 hours ago, Forge said:

Sorry guys. This probably made the running back room worse, but I don't imagine he'll get a lot of action anyway.

No it's didn't get worse.  Coleman is one of the better pass catching backs in the league.  He's above average for his yards per catch, first down rate, and yards per route run.  He's just got a problem staying on the field.  

If healthy he can be a pass catching weapon but that's a big if.  Worth a flyer though given his ability when on the field.

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Actually this isn't a bad signing, this is a cerebral signing, he has worked under the 49ers WCO and if familiar with the coaching staff. I remember when the Jets hired Rex Ryan, Ryan was wise enough to bring a few of his defensive pupils along with him to implement his defensive scheme. Which included Jim Leonard along with Bart Scott. 

So it's not unusual that the Jets sign Coleman from the 49ers or Quinn who has ties with J.D. respectively helping to build a long term foundation and identity to the Jets.

I like the RB's the Jets have now, because if used properly they will all stay fresh. Ty Johnson opened some eyes last year, and was an incredible find. So I'm cool with the stable of Johnson, Coleman, and Perine.

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