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Bengals free agency 2021

Bengals 2021 free agency  

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  1. 1. Are you pleased with the results of free agency for the Bengals?

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IMO the team has underachieved again. We lost our 2 big free agents and replaced them with players who are generally considered not as good. We upgraded at RT but still need improvement at LG, RG, TE, and WR3. I was hoping for Thuney but would have been pleased with adding Feiler, Zeitler, and Rudolph. 

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I know nothing will be big at this point, but adding a G (Turner/Warford/Easton), an edge player (Kerrigan/Smith), maybe a WR would make a big difference.  I guess i'll vote no, but i'm also not as disappointed as I thought I might be.  I think the Bengals roll into 2021 with Sample and Uzomah at TE and add a 3rd on day 3 of the draft.  Until a few more moves are made, it's a very small window of draft success as at the moment, a WR, G, and Edge almost certainly HAVE to be the Day 1/2 picks.  I don't like not having any wiggle room to take a guy who they think is a stud who falls.  Even something as simple and Easton and Kerrigan would alleviate that concern some.

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I voted yes, and here's why.  I always thought they'd go all in on defense again in free agency and attack the offense through the draft.  In my mock offseason, I think I got just about every player wrong in free agency, but had players at all the right positions.  

So we thought they'd keep Lawson and try to keep Jackson and Alexander.  Instead, they grabbed Hendrickson, Abreezie and Hilton.  Lateral moves, but they all play better in zone, which matches the only thing Lou knows how to do (how do NFL coaches get to be NFL coordinators if they only can run one scheme, regardless of player personnel?  another topic for sure, but it's baffling).  Allen replaces Shawn Williams.  Ogunjobi replaces Geno.


On offense, we kept Perine and obviously upgraded Hart with Reiff.  We kept Spain.


The draft is deep at WR, OG and OT, the three positions people are mad that we haven't addressed fully yet.  They will in the draft.


Will it be enough to make a playoff push?  Maybe.  But Pitt is in decline, the Ravens can't overpay a free agent WR, while the Browns continue to build.  Maybe we jump Pitt, and close the gap on Baltimore.

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IMO that's not clear. They've clearly upgraded at RT and probably nickel corner. I think Allen will be an upgrade on Shawn Williams. But Awuzie is a step down from WJ3, Hendrickson is probably not as good as Lawson and we still have holes at both LG and RG.

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1 hour ago, sparky151 said:

Nobody will give him 4 mil but he might get 2 mil from a number of teams, including the Bengals. If I were him, I'd look for greener grass elsewhere.

Speculation is that he'll find his way to Miami.

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