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Chiefs re-sign Demarcus Robinson


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9 minutes ago, kingseanjohn said:
But we must draft at least one WR this year.

I think this signing was made specifically as insurance to draft a rookie to compete for the #2 spot.  This is them giving up on signing a free agent #2 and look towards the draft.  

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He got a vet salary benefit (VSB) contract worth 1.137 M$ - but which counts just below 1 M$ against the cap.

Interesting tidbit that came up with this: Sorensen received an "upgraded" VSB contract. Teams are allowed to upgrade two VSB per year, adding 1.25 M$ to those contracts combined. That 1.25 M$ completely went to Sorensen, who also counts just 1 M$ against the cap. Last year it was Robinson who received that extra cash - this year he comes up empty.

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I’m not unhappy about it.   I’m not sure he actually knows the system, but Mahomes seems to know what’s going on in his brain 😂

You can do worse as a 3-4 WR.  Will definitely be glad to have his blocking back.   Definitely need to draft, at least, 1 WR though.

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