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Lombardi Lenny is back


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Wow, color me shocked. I thought he would walk. Glad to see it's just a 1 year deal. I love what we've done this off-season. bringing back essentially every key piece and beyond on cost friendly or 1 year deals. 

Most of these guys are later into their career so only having that 1 year commitment or the voidable years is huge for the future, should their production drop-off. Definitely running it back.

Even Barrett's deal is going to look like a complete underpay next year after we see these giant money deals being handed out to everyone. 

Agree with @ravishingone, I think 1st rounder is off table now for RB, but still expect us to take a RB somewhere as both RoJo and LF are on last years of deal. 

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ESPN's Mike Clay reports 14 running backs played all 32 regular season games from the start of the 2019 NFL season to the end of the 2020 season. Here's the thing: None of the 14 backs are starters. It's a remarkable stat demonstrating the attrition rate among those playing football's most brutal position.

That is a crazy stats and shows just how vital it is to have 3 RB's on the roster that can contribute, as a 17 game season is only going to make this stat worse. 

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